County council deluged with emails about ‘temporary’ road scheme in Broadstairs

'Bus gate' in Broadstairs Photo Mel Chennell

Kent County Council is asking people not to contact them after being deluged with emails about new ‘temporary’ road schemes in areas including Broadstairs and Westgate.

The authority installed the traffic measures this week with the Broadstairs scheme due to go live from September 25.

The scheme for Broadstairs, which will initially run for 18 months. includes a bus gate in Albion Street between the junctions of Alexandra Road and Harbour Street.

The Bus Gate bans all vehicles from that section of road apart from buses on local services, pedal bikes and licensed taxis.

There is also a pedestrian and cycle zone on Albion Street at the car park and its junction with High Street. The zone operates from 10am through to 10pm daily, except for use by cycles, licensed taxis and for access only, including access to and from Harbour Street Car Park.

Disabled bays have also been removed from outside the Albion Hotel.

Kent County Council says the work is being done to help achieve social-distancing to promote economic recovery amid the coronavirus pandemic. A one-way system has also be put in place in Westgate and 20mph zones installed in Margate.

But KCC has been deluged with emails about the schemes.

Ward councillor Ruth Bailey says issues raised with KCC about the Broadstairs scheme so far include;

  • more effective communication of the plans
  • more effective enforcement of the scheme & potential use of ANPR
  • problems around deliveries
  • turning and manoeuvring issues
  • disabled access and parking
  • appropriate & adequate signage
  • the impact on surrounding residential roads
  • legitimate access issues and whether residents should have permits

KCC says: “Each of the schemes are being progressed as trials, if the trial schemes are well received then they may be made permanent, but this will be based on feedback and usage data from the trial period of operation which can run for up to 18 months.

“We are logging all comments, objections and suggestions in relation to these schemes and your views will be considered when making a decision regarding how best to proceed, and whether amendments need to be made during the trial period. There have already been some changes on the ground following feedback from members of the public.

“Many customers are raising similar questions in relation to the schemes and we ask that all customers review the FAQ’s section and other details on the active travel fund webpage. Please see the following link:…/active-travel-fund-projects

“Please do not contact us again, as we unable to give you a personalised reply due to the unprecedented volume of enquiries we are receiving. We apologise that we are not able to provide the normal level of customer service that we usually strive to provide. Rest assured your comments are being considered.”

KCC says due to the need commit funds quickly it was not possible to allow time consultation. The authority was allocated just over £8 million by the Department for Transport to invest in walking and cycling.

The first round of funding was £1.6 million but the remainder was dependent on this being spent within eight weeks.

Not all response has been negative, there are residents who have praised the changes and the encouragement for more walking and cycling.


    • Tony,
      Which road scheme(s) are you talking about?
      Which town do you live in?
      You are certainly not a resident in one of the roads impacted by the scheme in Broadstairs!
      I assume you are not disabled and also are not a carer for a disabled member of society!
      “Disabled Lives Should Matter Too”
      If they could walk or ride a bike they probably would! Unfortunately, they are being discriminated against! Do you agree with this?
      KCC have been totally intransigent and have failed to ensure the disabled are not impacted. My view is that this is illegal.
      All Lives Matter….not just pedestrians and cyclists, who have cycle trails and footpaths!
      KCC requested that the public register their comments/concerns. It takes 2 weeks with no specific answers to specific concerns. They then ask the public not to contact them! Surely this says something!
      I note that KCC have made no comment regarding how they will spend the 2nd tranche of money £6.4m!

      • Unlike London, which has moderately reasonable cycle “superhighways”, Thanet doesn’t. Unlike London, where parking on pavements is illegal, in Thanet parking on pavements (which is especially tricky for less able people) is widespread.
        Here is an attempt by government to redress the absurdly pro-motorist road situation rather more in favour if the more vulnerable members of society. And, predictably, the self-entitled motorits are up in arms.

  1. There is some kind of giant plant pot at the end of Thanet Road (Albion Road end). Assuming that is part of this scheme as well.

    • As a private hire driver its now impossible to pick and drop customers from specific areas and specially the elders and disable ones

  2. Why is tory kcc refusing to listen to your views, tory government refuses to hear your views BEFORE changes to your roads now tory kcc refuse to listen to your views AFTER changes to your roads. I welcome your views on 20 miles an hour schemes i have introduced and will feed it back to county council, i want to fine tune it if required.

    • Says the LABOUR county councilor having a conflict of interest with drapers mills school and the ‘temporary’ road scheme outside your school. No consultation there. No consultation with residents on your sham 20 miles schemes either. Along with all the other shady benefits you’ve managed to nab for your school.

      Jog on Barry, this works two ways.

      KCC have made it clear, all the schemes are temp. Comments are still being considered.

    • County Councillor Lewis you seem to have stopped shouting about’ dirty streets in Thanet. Could this be because your socialist cronies are in charge? Or am I being cynical?

        • County Councillor Lewis. Not talking about fly tipping. I’m talking about rubbish dropped in the streets, fast food, cans etc! Streets are still in a poor state The majority who fly tip will always fly tip whether charging or not!

    • Yet a labour council , forced through the british legion planning application, having been involved in the design with its commercial partner, no engagement with local residents, despite council being well aware since april of what was intended and turning a blind eye to works that had no planning or listed building consent. The local labour councillor would’nt reply to enquiries either.
      So as well as looking towards central government cast your eye over the local practices too.

    • As a pedestrian living in a town, I think the more 20mph schemes we have, the better. I have spoken to several local residents who said that during lockdown they (like me) really appreciated feeling safe rather than anxious when they crossed the road.

      • Hi Marva,
        You may have noticed my post to you regarding the Broadstairs scheme. Although I am a motorist and one that drives a larger vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair for my son,, I like to think of myself as considerate to pedestrians, cyclists and fellow motorists.
        I have great sympathy for your views on a 20mph limit and am happy with these. I am currently, while my condition allows, a pedestrian in Broadstairs too. Interestingly I would make comment that I have had several near miss incidents, when walking, with inconsiderate cyclists, who are quiet and frequently exceeding 20mph as they come down the High Street.

    • Why on earth are these County Council idiots allowed to collect there salaries, What a pathetic reason to excuse their plan to grab more money from the public purse’we had to do it quickly or we would not have got more money next time for another stupid SCHEME’S STOP TAKING FUNDS THAT ARE NOT NEEDED, no wonder this country is in trouble and,, try spending the money on emptying the rubbish more often, or even stop paying council officials more money than the Prime minister, how can you justify. Salaries of 50k plus, shameful and wrong. Give Westgate shops their road back

  3. It seems the people of Broadstairs and other parts of Thanet forgot most of these roads are too narrow. Why should car drivers have priority of pavement users including disabled people with scooters and power chairs and mother’s with small children and buggies have to go on dangerous roads where cars are occupying the whole pavements with many cars parked back to back.

  4. We brought in the rules, but you can’t complain to us (KCC)….

    You couldn’t write it…. 2 steps forward Brian Rix farce!

  5. With the Broadstairs scheme , if you live in Alexander road and the pathway , youre trapped between 10am and 10pm ! Does kcc really know what they are doing !

  6. When we want KCC to listen to residents views they don’t. These schemes have been designed with no community input let alone any consultation. KCC should know and should understand what we the elected Councillors keep telling them. That is to listen to the public and respond intelligently, openly and with sensitivity. Community schemes need community engagement. It’s that simple!

    • Perhaps you should have a word with Barry. He championed such schemed and pushed for them for a long time, then when they’re implemented he starts crying that there was no consultation with residents!

      Completely sums up Labour and their councillors.

  7. The Broadstairs scheme has been poorly thought out. Removing the three disabled car parking spaces is disgraceful when not everyone is able to walk or cycle as many of us can. I am all for preventing unnecessary car use and inconsiderate parking especially on narrow roads but please do not make life even more difficult for those with reduced mobility.

  8. Broadstairs high street,should haue been,made ,one way,down,not alloweing, traffic up.where it narrows,a couple of more signs,and road two way traffic,there is risky,for the public,with the narrow pavements.

    • Your spot on Ian , totally agree , but these plans have probably been made in an office in Maidstone , using Google maps, why don’t they ask the people that live here what would work !

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