Determined nursery manager invests savings to take on and reopen Sunshine pre-school in Dane Valley

Charleen ( left) and staff (Amber Reynolds, Rosie Mesher , Rhapsody IIes , Becky Miles and Emily Evans, are getting ready for the opening

Sunshine pre-school is getting set to reopen at the Holy Trinity buildings in Dane Valley after the manager invested all her savings to take it on as a new business.

Charleen Moxam had been manager at the pre-school for two years when Trinity Resource Centre – which leased the buildings – announced it was closing and making all staff redundant due to the impact of covid.

But Charleen, who started her career in childcare at the nursery in 2012, vowed to get the site back open – and re-employ the staff – so children and parents could still benefit from the provision.

Sunshine pre-school caters for children aged 2-4 years and is dedicated to supporting them to learn and develop at their own pace through play indoors and outdoors.

The site in St Mary’s Avenue offers a unique free flow system meaning the door to the garden and woodland area is open constantly allowing children to freely access outside play and exploration. The pre-school specialises in working with little ones who have additional needs.

Mum-of-two Charleen said: “The Trinity Resource Centre decided it was not able to continue the service. I was horrified, our nursery really helps lots of vulnerable children and their parents. I didn’t want them to close my nursery so I decided to take it on myself. It was scary but I have been making my own business and had talks with the church so they are renting the space to me.

“I am being Ofsted registered now so hope that in about three weeks I can start welcoming all my families back full time.”

Charleen has been painting, having a new floor laid and had a new alarm system put in ready for the reopening.

She is also taking back on the nursery’s seven staff, all of whom waitied so they could be re-employed.

Several morning and afternoon sessions have been arranged for families to find out about the changes and to see the covid-secure measures that have been put in place.

Charleen, 36, said: “I really wanted to save our nursery, especially for our children with additional needs. All my families have waited and are coming back and my staff are dedicated and amazing.

“I have done everything with my own money as there is no funding available until the Ofsted registration is done.

“It is scary but exciting. I started my career in this nursery and although I went off to a couple of other places my heart has always been here.”

An opening date will be set when the Ofsted registration arrives.

There are spaces available. You can get in contact via email on [email protected]

Find Sunshine Preschool Margate on facebook or go to the new website at

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  1. Well done Charlene, you managed to save money and ‘re open even though Covid closed the centre.
    What happened with the rest of this centre? Appalling management of this thriving community hub. Questions need to be asked about it’s collapse, the whole thing stinks…

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