Extra police patrols to target illegal gatherings this bank holiday weekend

Beach patrols Photo Frank Leppard

Unlawful gatherings will be targeted by Kent Police who will have additional officers on patrol this bank holiday weekend

Legislation introduced today (August 28) means anyone who organises or facilitates a gathering of more than 30 people – in breach of the coronavirus regulations – risks receiving a £10,000 fine. Members of the public who attend also risk a £100 fine, which can double for each incident up to a total of £3,200.

Kent Police officers have broken up or prevented a number of illegal gatherings across the county over the last two months.

Assistant Chief Constable Nicola Faulconbridge said: “While the vast majority of people in Kent are continuing to adhere to the existing lockdown restrictions, it is very disappointing that some are continuing to take unnecessary risks by organising and attending mass gatherings.

“Covid-19 has not gone away and continues to pose a serious risk to public health, not only for those who attend such gatherings but for everyone else they come into contact with after the event has finished. This may include elderly members of their own family, or other friends and relatives who may also be vulnerable to becoming seriously ill.

“Extra patrols will be on hand at key locations across the county this bank holiday weekend to ensure we are able to respond quickly to any reported mass gatherings, and we encourage anyone who believes an event is being organised in their local area to report it to us as soon as possible.”


  1. Perhaps they’ll even venture as far as Westgate’s West Bay for the first time this summer, though I suspect not.

    A week ago, TDC finally put up signs telling people not to camp overnight, yet we’ve had people sleeping in camper vans and tents just yards from the signs. How difficult would it be for the police to drive to here at around midnight and ask them to move on every night?

  2. Extra overtime for inefficient politically correct muppets who stand back and do nothing until it’s too late . Another gravy train for our useless Police.

  3. There are plenty of illegal outdoor paties with amplified music and singing going on in Cliftonville West and on the beaches/promenades all through the Summer with absolutely no police prescence to stop them. Socially distancing thrown out the window. These fools are putting everyone at risk of catching the deadly virus but they dont give a sh.. at all.
    I could say it would be good if it rains all bank holiday weekend but that would be selfish of me so please can the police actually take it seriously when calls are made to the control centre regarding noisy parties attended by loads of people. It’s no good having extra police if they don’t get told where to go, because of priorities putting it far down the list to attend.

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