Thanet care home staff and residents put at risk by Covid test kit delivery backlog

Newlyn Residential Home care staff

Scores of care home staff and residents are being put at risk because they cannot obtain Covid testing kits and those that are completed are not being collected.

A backlog in the ordering system, which comes under the responsibility of the Department of Health and Social Care, means some homes are unable to comply with government protocols announced in July for testing residents monthly and staff weekly.

One of the sites hit by the backlog is Newlyn Residential Home in Ramsgate which currently has NO testing kits.

Manager Toni Selfridge says despite ordering new kits there has been no email confirmation, no delivery and when she has called the ordering centre she has been told nothing can be done because it is not possible to override her original request.

Toni pictured with resident Irene

Toni said: “ All the care homes are supposed to be testing residents every 28 days and staff every week. I reordered tests and so have other care home managers and we have had no response. I haven’t even had an email to say they were being sent. This would normally happen the day after I’ve ordered them. It has now been four weeks since I made our order.

“Currently we do not have any tests at all. The last time everyone was tested was August 10 and for staff, we did 10 tests on August 17.

“We are told there is a backlog but we were forgotten in the first place and now we have been left to it again without explanation. It leaves staff and residents at risk.

“We are back to the beginning again. We can’t tell if staff are infected if they are not symptomatic, we can’t be compliant with testing staff every week and if a member of staff has a sore throat we now have to send them home. This means we might end up losing staff and have to go through an agency which is expensive for our home owner Lynda Martin and means no continuity for residents.”

An issue is now also created when the home takes in a new resident. Normally they would be tested and isolate until the result was returned – positive resulting in continued isolation and a home lockdown or negative meaning a return to routine – but this test cannot be carried out until a new delivery arrives.

Toni said: “When new people come we now have to think about whether we can accept them if we can’t test them.

“We are trying to safeguard people but how can we without the tests? Something has got to be done. When Covid began the care homes were just left. Then there was an outcry but now we are being left in limbo again.”

Newlyn, which currently has eight residents and 17 staff, is not alone. There is at least one other, Thanet care home provider struggling to get tests delivered.

Toni said: “It is so frustrating. We have been so careful. Staff wear civvies into work and then change at the door. We have been doing their temperatures and the tests, that are awful, every week. And now nothing.”

Newlyn has not had any positive covid cases for staff or residents to date.

Government testing strategy

In July the government announced that care home staff would be tested for coronavirus weekly, while residents would receive a test every 28 days to prevent the spread of coronavirus in social care. This was in addition to intensive testing in any care home facing an outbreak, or at increased risk of an outbreak.

The new testing strategy followed advice from SAGE and evidence from a Vivaldi 1 study indicating a higher prevalence in care homes, and therefore a case for frequent testing in care homes and their staff.

The study suggested care home staff may be at increased risk of contracting the virus, which they may then pass on to others if they have no symptoms.

During July retesting was rolled out to all care homes for over 65s and those with dementia who have registered to receive retesting. Repeat testing was extended this month to include all care homes for working age adults.

At the time of the announcement Minister for Care, Helen Whately said: “It is our priority to protect care residents and staff and testing is a crucial part of that.”

‘Issue escalated’

Kent County Council is aware of the current test delivery backlog and says the issue has been escalated

A Kent County Council spokesperson said: “KCC is aware of this issue and jointly with CCG colleagues is in contact with care homes weekly and support and advice is provided via digital contact groups for registered care home managers in Thanet.

“The issue has been escalated via Public Health and CCG colleagues and the council has liaised with the National Testing Lead who advised that the pressure on the supply of testing kits is being addressed is expected to end shortly.

“New initiatives such as weekend testing, bulk registration of tests and 119 managing care home test administration is expected to improve the position.”

The Department of Health and Social Care has been asked for comment.

National and local situation

To date (August 27) there have been 330,368 positive covid tests across the UK. There are currently 767 covid patients in hospital and 64 of those are in ventilator beds. There have been 41,477 deaths attributed to Covid in the UK.

In Kent and Medway there have been 9,593 positive covid cases. There are very few patients in the area’s hospitals either confirmed as having Coronavirus. On 20 August there were just 22 confirmed Covid-19 positive patients out of 2,864 beds across all Kent and Medway acute hospitals.

In Thanet there have been 929 confirmed covid positive cases, with one of those being registered this week. There have been 161 coronavirus-related deaths since the pandemic began up to August 14 but registered to August 22. None were in August.

However, government data pages acknowledge that the actual cause of death may not be COVID-19 in all cases despite being registered as such.

Find the LGA covid case tracker here


  1. Before all the Labour snowflakes start to pipe up and blame this Tory government like Marva, you need to understand that you can only manufacture an item as fast as you’re physically able to.

    You also need to understand how many thousands and thousands of care home staff and residents there are in the UK that needs to be tested on a weekly basis, that’s not even including the general population that needs to be tested either. The production I am sure will be increased as fast as it is able to but for now, if they physically can’t make the tests as fast as demand is needed, you just need to wait, what else do you expect to happen? If you show symptoms, isolate.

    Some common sense, please.

  2. You’ve only got to look at the number of “U” turns this government has carried out since the lockdown began to realise how utterly useless it is.

    • Oh, it’s Andrew. I totally forgot about this kid.

      You’ve only got to realize that this is a pandemic, we haven’t gone through something like this in decades and of course mistakes will happen and advice will change.

      Don’t cry because your leftie friends aren’t in power. Conservatives have done a lot more than Labour or any other party would have.

      • The 2016 Cygnus plan was completely ignored. If it was adhered to the UK wouldnt be leading the world in Covid-19 deaths per capita

  3. I am neither Labour nor a snowflake but I know the importance of testing & ‘The Box’ it shouldnt be ignored or minimised. Where is the local KCC councillor’s statement on this? She is on KCC HOSC & should be outraged that this lack of vital equipment that ensures safety of elderly & vulnerable residents.

    • What do you expect them to do if they physically are UNABLE to produce tests as fast as demand is needed?

      Seriously, put your thinking cap on, think how many people need a test.

      I don’t agree with Karen Constantine on most things, but I am sure she will tell you the same as I have done.

      • The government have spent £m on privatised T&T hence what a waste on public funds. Their verified suppliers were only too keen & ready to supply T&T but not approached. My thinking cap & my research cap were in place. Not sure why you feel the need to rudely troll

  4. The Box appears to be a Tory in denial. You’re not a friend of the utterly incompetent Helen Whatley MP? Your ignorant, aggressive and ridiculous comments are completely unhelpful.

  5. Perhaps there is some truth in the (remarkably quick) excuse that the demand for testing kits etc is just too much to be able to meet very easily.
    But why does Johnson and Co keep telling us how well it’s all going? They keep telling us we have a “world beating ” test and tracking system when I didn’t think that saving lives was supposed to be an international competition!
    Why can’t they be a bit honest about the problems and stop trying to bamboozle us with empty boasts?
    This is not going well. Our testing system is run by private companies and they were given the work (and all the money) without a proper tendering process.
    We seem to be importing the Donald Trump approach to politics ie. mess it up but just keep telling people how marvellously well you are doing!!

  6. Funny how new stocks are being delivered now the new registering system has just come on line. We’re the tests held back for that?

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