A cruise ship with 13 bars and a theatre is ‘anchored’ off Botany Bay

The Queen Victoria Photo Frank Leppard

Cunard Cruise ship Queen Victoria is currently off the coast at Botany Bay.

The passenger ship, built in 2007, is sailing under the flag of Bermuda. The ship has capacity for 2,081 passengers but is currently just carrying a skeleton crew due to the pandemic.

Floating off Margate means the ship does not have to pay docking fees until it needs to refuel.

Photo Frank Leppard

At 90,049 GT she is the smallest of Cunard’s ships in operation. Her facilities include seven restaurants, thirteen bars, three swimming pools, a ballroom, and a theatre.

Queen Victoria’s theatre is the first at sea to have private boxes. She also has a Winter Garden lounge with a retractable glass roof and a two-storey library with a connecting spiral staircase.

Photo Frank Leppard

On Queen Victoria’s 21 December 2007 voyage, 122 guests and 11 crew on board contracted norovirus. It was officially attributed to a guest who had already contracted the virus prior to boarding the ship.

Photo Frank Leppard

On 14 May 2008, on Queen Victoria’s first visit to Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta, the throttles malfunctioned during berthing, resulting in the vessel colliding with the pier. She remained in port for an extra night whilst repairs were carried out to the stern.


  1. Cruise ships are a major source of carbon dioxide emissions: we should not allow them to dock or anchor in Thanet waters.

    • I am sure one ship is going to make a huge difference to our air quality!! Some people cannot help making silly statements.

      • Did you know that there are more dogs throughout the world than cruise ships and there are certainly more dogs in fanet than cruise ships mooring off of the coast. They- dogs- help to damage the atmosphere and contribute to the damage of the ozone layer. Should they be allowed 🙂

        Another stupid comment but look on the Brightside. Both give pleasure to the humans. 🙂

      • It’s not the CO2 that’s the problem. It’s the heavy fuel they burn in their engines that gives off sulfur dioxide. They’ve not supposed to use it in coastal waters.

    • I did not realise the people of Thanet owned the sea off the coast, and could choose who used it and anchored in it. If this is the case we and the people from Sandwich to Dungeness. Should have no problem with all the people in little boats turning up on the beach. Just ban them. Problem solved.

  2. Very interesting information. Crushing has to be one of the best ways to chill out and enjoy an holiday. I have done 26 cruises and never been disappointed. Fred Olsen cruises are the best in my opinion.

  3. Carbon emissions are not location specific. This form of polluting travel/recreation should be banned full stop. Hopefully the pandemic will hasten their demise.

  4. Amazing. I’ve only ever done a river cruise on a much smaller ship, but loved every minute of it.

  5. If you have never been on a cruise I can highly recommend it. I was a sceptic once but it is an amazing way to travel (not now obviously 😢). Humans need some pleasures in life. I am sure cruise ships will become more environmentally friendly in the coming years. Humans will demand it (market forces). As for it being off the coast of Thanet. Why not? We need somewhere to put asylum seekers to be ‘processed’. An empty cruise ship would be perfect 😬

  6. An empty ship ,maybe we could commendeer it load it with all the lowlife in Thanet set itout into French waters and sink it .

    • Or even allow the foreign nationals to stay on board until the ship is full then take them on a sight seeing cruise to France with disembarkation letters stating “Return to Sender previous address unknown”

      • R.. If you were living in war torn Syria or Yemen with family wiped out would you stay there or try find safe land.
        France want a war if we put maritime in the waters

    • Richard.. That includes you.
      With that nasty comment
      Tell you what don’t like lowlifes move out

  7. Your report says its anchored with skeletons ms Bailes. Any reason why its anchored.
    A ship not wanting to pay berthing fees.
    A norovirus cruise ship wtf

  8. It could of course be used to house the illegal immigrants crossing the channel without allowing them to land in UK. Then their applications could be processed before allowing legitimate refugees to stay (if there are any) and returning the others back to where they came from. Also confirming the age of the “children” who claim to be 15 or 16 but are in their mid to late 20’s.

  9. What a ridiculous and unnecessary waste of fuel, creating pointless and unnecessary emissions into the atmosphere. Could be in dock somewhere running off electricity.

  10. Why moan about one cruise liner laying off Thanet when there have frequently been 20 or more cargo vessels of various sizes moored up recently. It is designated as the London Anchorage after all! Not sure how some people expect food and numerous other goods get to this country…

  11. And that electricity is generated by…..? If she is sitting there on the hook there will only be generators running, not her engines.

  12. Be careful what you wish for, remember the vast majority of your food, clothes, footwear, cars, petrol, computers, mobile phones, TV’s, fridges, cookers, in fact 98% of what you need come by sea on merchant ships. Just think for one moment before opening mouth. A merchant seaman of 32 years experience.

  13. It’s only there because it didn’t see the signs saying “No parking at Botany Bay” on the Thanet way..

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