Power cut hits Ramsgate and Broadstairs properties

Power cut

More than 1,200 properties have been hit by a power cut in the Broadstairs and Ramsgate areas.

The power went out at around 2pm and is not expected to be restored until between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

Affected postcode areas are CT10 2, CT11 7, CT11 8 and CT12 6.

A UK Power Networs update says: “Our engineers are on their way. At this point we think the issue is a a faulty section of underground cables that initially interrupted power to 3387 properties.

“However, by rerouting electricity in the area, currently 1227 customers are still affected. Using an average timescale, we’re estimating power will be on between 16:30 and 17:30, but this may change later.”

Find live tracking here


  1. At least the bbc breakfast programme chaps filming short segments for the breakfast show live on main sands this morning gave Ramsgate a very pleasant description.

    it was so wonderful on the beach at 8am this morn before dfl’s with plastic wine glasses appeared but thats life on open public areas.

    this place has a lot going for it,just need the relevant authority to police the situation.

    Opps,power cuts are frequent here.

  2. Paul Link TDC have given £ towards the Parkway Station so that when the Airport fails and RSP have built THEIR houses, the residents can commute to London 2 minutes faster than on our HS train from Ramsgate.

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