Fire crews tackling large blaze at North Foreland corn field

The blaze at North Forleand Photo Carol Weale

Kent Fire and Rescue Service is responding to a large fire in a field of cut and standing corn off Elmwood Avenue at North Foreland.

Photo Vanessa Culliford

Four fire engines and an all-terrain vehicle are on scene after being called out at 1.28pm.

Photo Carol Weale

Crews are working to put the fire out. There are no reported casualties and the cause has not yet been established.

UPDATE: The fire was brought under control and crews finished at the scene at 3.30pm.


  1. I was amazed, that the horses were not phased by the smoke or flames. However, I thought the man standing near the sheep, with a jar of mint sauce in his hand looked a little impatient.

    • We all know who the idiot is here, have some compassion for Lel & Geoff who have lost crops and with it already being a difficult time could of lost precious animals.

      • But they didn’t lose a y animals, so if you don’t like a joke, clear off, and mind your own business.

        It amazes me on this site, that the people of Thanet, don’t have the ability, or intelligence to be able to work out a joke. Then you look at other Kent sites, or National sites, they are full of jokes. In conclusion, it must be that all the low ability, and special needs people, must have been drafted into Thanet.

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