Thirty-five Margate roads likely to become 20mph zones in trial scheme

20mph proposal

Thirty-five roads in Margate are being considered for 20mph speed limits.

An 18 month trial of the traffic order will be held before deciding whether to make the limit permanent.

The roads that will come under the trial are:

Entire road length

Albert Terrace, Albert Terrace Mews, Alkali Row, Bilton Square, Broad Street, Cecil Square, Cobbs Place, Duke Street, Eaton Hill, Fort Hill, Fort Mount, Fort Road, Grosvenor Hill, Hall By The Sea Road, Lombard Street, Love Lane, Mansion Street, Marine Drive, Marine Gardens, Marine Terrace, Market Place, Market Street, Meeting Court, New Cross Street, New Street, Newbys Place, Queen Street, Queens Arms Yard and The Parade.

Fort Crescent – From its junction with Fort Hill to its a point 12 metres west of its junction with Trinity Square western arm.

Grosvenor Place – From its junction with Marine Gardens to a point 10 metres north of its junction with Grosvenor Gardens.

High Street – From its junction with Market Street to a point 18 metres north west of its junction with Churchfields.

King Street – From its junction with The Parade to its junction with Trinity Square.

Marine Terrace – From its junction with Marine Drive to a point 72 metres west of its junction with Hall By The Sea Road.

Mill Lane – From its junction with High Street to a point 18 metres west of its junction with Churchfields.

Park Place – From its junction with Grosvenor Hill to a point 84 metres north of its junction with Grosvenor Gardens.

A KCC spokesperson said: “Throughout this trial, we will be monitoring how it performs and after 18 months, consulting with people on whether they approve of the scheme.

“We will hold discussions with the communities before deciding whether to make it permanent.

“The schemes are being introduced through an Experimental Traffic Order, which means Kent Highways can change the speed limit, test the impact and monitor to see how it performs.

“Kent already has around 1,300 roads with a 20mph zone or limit. Since lockdown on March 23, cycling has increased nationally by 300%.

There are studies that show 20mph schemes encourage healthier transport choices such as walking and cycling, and they increase levels of walking and cycling by about a fifth.

“The county council is also anticipating more people will be travelling to work and to school by bike or on foot so is hopeful the change will make this safer and easier for the people of Margate.

“KCC hopes these changes will bring about reduced pollution with drivers not accelerating and braking so often.

“We would encourage everyone to do your bit and keep to 20mph and encourage others to do the same.”

The order will be implemented by September 18. After the 18 month review the council may make the order permanent or abandon it.

Any existing speed limit in the listed roads will be suspended.

County councillor Barry Lewis said: “It’s fantastic news for the people of Margate that the council has changed its policy and is reinstating 20mph limits in various town centres including Margate.

“I hope this will be extended to the rest of Thanet as soon as possible as 20mph limits have been proven to save lives as well as cutting car pollution.”

However, Ramsgate county councillor Karen Constantine said she was disappointed that the scheme had not been extended to other parts of Thanet.

She said: “This is something we desperately need in Thanet. Some of our roads are all too frequently used as race tracks!   I feel very disappointed that Ramsgate has been left out of this positive development.”

Find the consultation here