Column with Ageless Thanet: The Feelgood Factory is moving to Hartsdown Leisure Centre

Toning equipment for Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory

Ageless Thanet are excited to announce that the Feelgood Factory is moving to Hartsdown Leisure Centre and will be reopening on August 31.

As many of their members will know, the High Street building needs maintenance work and the lease is coming to an end. This positive move to Hartsdown will mean that they can ensure the future of the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory.  It will also allow the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory members to make the most of the excellent facilities there, including the pool and café on site, parking facilities, and extended opening hours to name a few.

The FeelGood Factory at Hartsdown offers a revolutionary way to lose weight and get fit via a completely unique 30-minute workout using power assisted equipment, which is specifically designed to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

This low impact exercise is ideal for people with osteoporosis, mobility problems, joint problems, poor posture, muscle tone problems. The circuit offers members a workout which exercises all the major muscle groups.

It opened on Margate High Street in April 2017 and to date a total of 900 have benefited from using the toning tables, seeing fantastic physical results as well as forming great friendships.

Ian Barker, Your Leisure Community and Funding Manager said: “It was a tough decision to move the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory to Hartsdown Leisure Centre, but this was the best overall solution to ensure the future of the service. We understand that some members may be concerned about public transport links to Hartsdown, but the 32 bus stops just 0.2 miles from the leisure centre. Hartsdown has many benefits such as having a pool and café on site, as well as allowing the Feelgood Factory to have longer opening hours and free parking. We are looking forward to seeing everyone when we reopen on August 31.”

Ageless Thanet is also running Wellbeing Activities again such as Ukulele, Zumba, Groove, Photography to name a few. More information about the activities can be found at, please ring 07718 485 266 to book.

Some FAQs can be found on their website. If you have any questions not mentioned in the link above, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing [email protected].