Fire crews called to Jolly Farmer kitchen incident

Image KFRS

Firefighters in breathing apparatus tackled a fire in the deep fat fryers of a pub kitchen in Manston today (July 26).

Two engines attended the incident at the Jolly Farmer after a call out at 2pm.

Crews used a combination of a fire blanket, dry powder fire extinguishers, high-pressure hose reel jets and a covering main jet to deal with the incident. A large fan was also deployed to clear smoke and fumes from the premises.

One man was treated for the effects of breathing in smoke and passed to the care of paramedics. The cause of the fire is thought to be accidental.

Crews finished at the scene at 2.53pm.

The Jolly Farmer kitchen was reopened the same day offering a limited menu of steaks, burgers, sandwiches in the restaurant and also for delivery.