Three in custody following armed police response in Cliftonville

Armed police in Clifton Gardens

Three arrests were made last night (July 22) following an armed police response in Cliftonville.

Armed officers were in Clifton Gardens while a police helicopter was hovering over the Dane Park and Cliftonville area and officers were also spotted in the park.

Kent Police was called to Clifton Gardens at 8.12pm following a report that a man had been seen with a possible weapon.

Officers attended and a 21-year-old man from Margate was arrested at the scene before a 20-year-old woman and a 38-year-old man, both from Margate, were arrested nearby.

All three remain in custody and a BB gun has been seized as part of an ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has any information is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 22-1509.

You can also contact Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, or by completing an online form at


  1. I can’t believe there is so much Police action, over a BB gun.

    I do realise they are capable of causing some serious injury, but are they legal or not? There is lots of confusion.

    If you go to a newsagent in Margate High Street, or Westgate, near the station, you can purchase one for less than twenty pounds. How is this possible?

    • Phil, I think it’s quite obvious the police and the person reporting the incident didnt initially know it was a BB gun.

      • Yes, I realise that.
        My point was, there is so much action, all concerning a BB gun (which nobody knew at the time), it’s just amazing that people are able to purchase these from a High Street store, with no difficulty. They should be illegal.

        • As far as I’m aware (I’ve played airsoft a few times) you can not just simply buy a realistic BB gun with out proof you use it for airsoft or defense reasons. Otherwise you have to purchase a brightly coloured one aka two tone.

          • Joshua.

            I can’t confess anything about airsoft, something I have never heard of before.

            But, as I said, right on the counter (for maximum display), are BB guns, and next to them are ballbearings in various quantity sized tubs. I don’t know wether this is legal or illegal, but it surely can’t be right, even if they are only sold to over 16/18/21s.

  2. Even professionals can’t always distinguish air or ball bearing weapon from a more lethal item
    So the Police response was justified..
    Just be thankful that nobody was killed as a result of the inherent stupidity of some people…

      • Phil, I will answer your disrespectful comment.
        The first issue has been answered quite adequately. A BB gun will still do damage, even maim for life it a ball hits you in the wrong place.
        It is difficult under stress to tell a BB gun from a real gun and will have the same effect on a victim – scare the poo out of him/her. If used in a threatening way would you take the risk?, you would still get hurt quite badly.
        They are legal to buy but their unlawful use is not legal and will get you into trouble if another gun user, the police, think it is a real one. Imitation firearms, which is how these are so often used, is illegal and WILL be treated as if real. You may get shot!
        They should , in my opinion, only be sold under strict licence and hopefully that will happen in the future as more and more thugs use them to scare the shit out of people.

        • Ton, you clown, he didn’t go on a killing rampage with his BB gun.

          Thanks for your ignorance, try reading what she said again, or will you respond, and make yourself look even more ridiculous.

          • Phil you profess to knowing anything about airsoft fine if you did then you would know that bb guns are ligal to buy and used in a safe environment not letting it be seen on a street is a must. As Liam said police acted in a way they always do (a report of a possible gun/weapon seen in street) your first priority is you the public they will do everything in their power to bring any action involving a gun or any other weapons you stop to ask hey man is that a bb gun to late you will be dead if its not. I no one gets hurt they have done there job or be like American police shoot first then find out it was just a bb gun and didn’t work. Not over kill good police work.

  3. If you saw a raging man waving a ball bearing gun at someone, or yourself in a threatening manner I think you would call the police too. They are very hard to distinguish from a real lethal weapon. It would have been a matter of better safe than sorry. Overkill but necessary under the circumstances.

      • PHIL, How could anyone know it was a bb gun until it was siezed? They look very similar. I can guarantee if you had the misfortune to have one being pointed at you, you would NOT be assuming its a harmless BB Gun The 999 call went out and police were told 3 men and I saw a gun. That would have triggered the rapid response that it did from everyday police, Arm response vehicles , police dogs and because there were three, not known if one two or three were armed, the helicopter to. Two of the three headed off towards Dane park and the one to Clifton Gdns. Stop being so damned rude to people and think about the situation! Unless you yourself are a criminal with convictions served that is then all would be clear to the rest of us.

        • Mind your own business, you ignorant woman, read and analyse the comment properly.

          Man arrested after BB gun was seized, then hoop hoop makes the comment a about what if he went on a killing rampage with his BB gun.

          How many years is it until you learn to read, and then leave school?

  4. Thank god we have sensible people with correct responses, I hope Phil is never in the position to require the help of an armed response unit to come to his aid. Then again the reaction to last night’s incident he doesn’t need any help. Stupid comments from an ignorant person

    • Why is it a stupid comment?

      I asked why BB guns are legal, and also mentioned how much action had to be taken over a silly BB gun?
      So many resources just to seize a BB gun.

      But then again, this is Kent Police Farce we are talking about. Have you ever applied to join them, they often accept people like you, that have little intelligence.

  5. Phil do one u prick bet ur arse would go if sumone put it in ur face lol ur just a div who sits on his computer all day passing people of with the dumb shit u talk

    • Pikey

      We really are lucky to have people like you around, unable to string a proper sentence together, with your low IQ.

      But if people like you weren’t around, we would have nothing to laugh at.

  6. BB guns are legal in the UK but there is some legislation that concerns them.
    The Firearms Act 1968 states, ‘An imitation firearm is anything which has the appearance of being a firearm, regardless of whether or not it is capable of discharging a shot, bullet or another missile.’
    BB guns could fall under this description, so the following laws are in place:

    The minimum age to purchase a BB gun is 18 years
    An adult must supervise persons 12 to 18 years of age when using a gun
    No gun should be carried in a public place unless in transit. Also, the gun should be placed in a bag
    Guns must not be concealed on one’s person or pointed or fired at another human or animal
    Safety glasses and other protective clothing should also be worn when operating the gun or viewing
    To comply with VCRA law, a minimum of 51% of a gun’s surface must be finished in a bright colour or transparent plastic. Colours tend to be, vibrant hues of red; orange; yellow; blue; green; pink, and purple.
    Two-tone guns were released so they can be easily identified as un unrealistic imitation by the police and general public. However, we recommend transporting your weapon in a gun bag to minimise the risk of attracting attention.

    • I understand what you say, but just appears a silly law. Should also make BB guns illegal in UK. Would surely make things a little easier if there were less of them around, and therefore less people using them as an imitation firearm, although we don’t know what happened in this particular case.

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