Armed police in Cliftonville following report of man with weapon

Armed police at the scene

A large armed police presence has responded to an incident in Cliftonville tonight (July 22).

The officers were in Clifton Gardens while a police helicopter was hovering in the Dane Park and Cliftonville area and officers were also spotted in the park.

Officers were called to Clifton Gardens at 8.12pm following a report that a man had been seen with what was believed to be a weapon.

Officers attended and, with the assistance of the police helicopter, located a man who was arrested.

Enquiries are ongoing and it is understood officers may still be searching for a second man, although this has not been confirmed.


    • Don’t tell people to shut up, you are so rude, as many people have mentioned previously.

      Perhaps I should have taken the water pistol, and not the spud gun.

      Wow! Exciting, a helicopter, by the way, it has now gone.

    • Which innocent people have been shot ?

      The report makes no mention of anybody having been shot.

      When did the shooting happen and how many people have been hurt or killed ?

  1. The report says officers were in Clifton Gardens, while others were spotted in the park.

    Probably not a good time for them to be playing in the park, while others work at Clifton Street.

  2. Now now children don’t get your weapons out you may get soaked leave the real stuff to the armed police

  3. Phil I wouldn’t worry about getting wet you’re so full of no2 disposal units waste product it’s now coming out the usual intake orifice and you speak such utter poo!! No doubt you will spill more out once you have read this but do you understand what it says.

    • Big Chris

      I love the punctuation, makes it very difficult to read, but I suspect you don’t have a problem with the children’s books you read.

      But wait, what’s that smell?

      It’s smells like eutrophication, probably happens every time you open your mouth, and poke your nose in, little tough man.

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