‘Merman’ inspired menu at The George and Heart as chef Jim Thomlinson takes up residency

The Merman launches at The George and Heart

Chef Jim Thomlinson is set to take up residency at The George and Heart pub and hotel in Margate.

At The George and Heart, based by the Old Town, Jim will run a concept kitchen called Merman. Designed to offer a fun, approachable and social dining experience, Merman will focus on showcasing fresh Kentish produce and will feature a constantly evolving seasonal menu.

The concept has been inspired by mythical mermen and is represented on the menu by outstanding surf and turf dishes.

Some of Jim’s favourites include his scallop with bacon fat whipped roe and samphire, cedar plank trout with Jersey royals, sour cream, chives and trout caviar and picanha steak with sourdough flatbread, smoked garlic yoghurt and hot herb salsa.

All of the innovative dishes at Merman will be cooked on the kitchen’s  own barbecue using local Kentish cherry wood, applewood and grape vines. This helps to enhance the flavour and gives the dishes at Merman a unique twist.

Merman will offer a selection of daily and weekly specials. Freshly baked local goods will be served as accompaniments and there will be a choice of indulgent desserts, including an irresistible donut sundae with clotted cream ice cream, salt caramel sauce and toasted hazelnuts. Delicious and innovative vegetarian and vegan meals will also be available at The George and Heart.

Prior to starting his residency at the George and Heart, Jim worked on a number of London-based projects. These included Prawnography, Moister Oyster Co., London Mess and Fry Hard.

Before moving to Margate, Jim was a big fan of the town’s creative scene with its independent studios, community projects and galleries, including Turner Contemporary.

For Jim, another benefit of working in Margate is easy access to excellent local produce. Merman will get freshly baked bread from Steve Gadd and meat from Hogmans Butchers.

Find The Merman online at  www.themerman.co.uk

Contact The George and Heart on 01843 225447


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