Proposal for 450 homes on fields by Shottendane Road submitted to Thanet council

Part of the site Image CSA Environmental/Gladman Developments

An outline application to build 450 homes on fields off Shottendane Road in Margate has been submitted to Thanet council.

Gladman Developments says the proposal will include the homes – with affordable housing – a new distributor link road connecting Hartsdown Road, Shottendane Road and Manston Road, two new roundabouts, publicly accessible children’s play areas and recreational routes.

The s 19.53ha site is made up of two arable fields either side of Shottendane Road.

Bronze Age remains

A Heritage assessment report says the site is within an area with a high level of archaeological remains. At least two Bronze Age barrows are known to have been located within the south eastern area and they survive as below-ground remains. These were part of a wider barrow-cemetery, with other barrows located outside the site.

Burials associated with an Early Medieval cemetery were recorded on Manston Road, adjacent to the site, in the 19th Century. Archaeological remains, including the barrows and the area adjacent to the known cemetery, will be preserved in situ.

Archaeological remains elsewhere within the site include an enclosure and field boundaries of Iron Age date, and low-density prehistoric remains including pits and ditches. Where archaeological remains are not to be preserved in situ an appropriate scheme of archaeological recording works will be agreed.

Designated heritage assets close to the site include the Grade II Listed Shottendane Farmhouse and the Grade II Listed Railway Convalescent Home and St John’s Cemetery.

The report concluded that development would potentially result in some limited, negligible (less than substantial) harm to the Grade II Listed Shottendane Farmhouse, the Grade II Listed Railway Convalescent Home, and the Grade II Listed Gates and Gatepiers at St John’s Cemetery, as well as the wider non-designated cemetery as a whole.

Image CSA Environmental/Gladman Developments

A design document for the development says: “The vast majority of the existing trees and vegetation should be retained and strengthened where possible, with new tree, thicket and wildflower planting. This new planting will mitigate the loss of sections of the existing hedgerows to allow for the vehicular access point into the site.”

Gladman Developments Ltd produced  leaflet covering the application proposals which was delivered to residents. A public consultation event was also held in March.

The new homes will be a mix of detached, semi-detached, terraced homes and apartments, with a percentage allocated as affordable housing.

There will be two new roundabouts; one from Manston Road and the other from Shottendane Road, with a further priority junction taken from Hartsdown Road.

Open space and a large new park are also proposed. A new cycleway will also be provided through the development alongside the distributor road, which will link Hartsdown Rood with Manston Road.

The proposal can be viewed on Thanet council’s planning portal, reference OL/TH/20/0847

A decision is yet to be made.


  1. tell them to leave the green fields and our history off your building for a profit and it will not so called affordable either

    glad …not

    oppose this plan destroying fields of green nature and yeah bog off

  2. Rebecca, you have a way with words! ?,
    I do concur that yet again more farm land in Thanet is set to disappear with the result that Garlinge will gradually spread down until that whole area to Shottendane will be housing, and none of them socially affordable, ie. Council housing as it used to be known.
    This is no surprise to me with this latest development, it has been on the cards for years.

  3. Underground stream, person who owns this land is the nephew of the person who had the farm there, tilly? Trills? And lives in Wales and a butcher, just sees money, why not rent it out to the many young farmers in Thanet who desperately wanting their own business… Other farmers should take note too

  4. The whole of Area ‘A’ at one stage was originally proposed to planted with tree’s. At one stage it was suggested that because Margate Cemetery was nearly full people could purchase a plot within part of the site. Be buried standing upright with a tree planted on top. At this stage the land was owned by TDC. TDC obviously sold some of the land off for housing with the end house purchasing more land for an extension to their garden. I hate being old and having a dam good memory.

  5. Alternative natural and semi-natural open space on new developments can also help to relieve some of the recreational pressure on the coast

    how can it relieve pressure on our coast line it will add to massively read that report

  6. They won’t be happy until the whole area is one housing estate. But don’t worry those same people will be the ones who will not have the eyesore to live with. They will all be in their private homes surrounded by acres of greenery.

    • Oh well they could have been put at Manston but no our illustrious MPs wanted a dirty polluting cargo hub instead so now more agricultural land is concreted over. Welcome to gridlocked Thanet.

      • Hear, Hear Ramsgate girl! Manston was going to have some 4,000 new homes, 400 of which was to be social housing, so did all those people complaining about building on Greenfield sites. also vote to reopen Manston as an airport?

  7. At this rate we will have insufficient infrastructure to support extra population and will have water shortages.

  8. We should oppose this as much as possible. Drag out the whole process. Use legal means to delay and delay. (Which may be why the current government has just decided to eliminate a lot of Planning rules so local people cannot object to destructive plans like this!)
    If we can slow down the whole thing long enough, the old airport site at Manston will become available again. So all the housing that is needed can be put there.
    But we need TIME for that to happen. So we need to spin it out by objecting and making sure TDC take firm decisions against.
    I think that it is significant that , a few days ago, the government took a blatantly political decision to float the vague possibility of reviving an airport at Manston, so, within a few days, this bunch of developers whips out their plans for the greenfield site. Knowing, I suppose, that they may be in for a “Win/Win” situation, ie. they make a fortune building houses on farmland, then, after a short while , Manston becomes available for building as the latest airport wheeze falls flat, so they get to build MORE profitable houses on Manston AS WELL!

    • Keefogs exactly what I have said for weeks/ months about what would be happening if Manston received the go ahead, already hundreds have been built on arable land hundreds more with permission government said that 20,000 plus houses had to be built in thanet, our council will agree to this as usual. Agreed we have to oppose this we have lost to much farm land, housing going up from Birchington right along the Canterbury road through to margate and in places behind the housing already there and across westwood x also the ones being erected on the old pleasurerama site and now a proposal for 450 more homes come on TDC enough is enough put a stop to this build build build on our ever decreasing green land.

  9. Chaos and more chaos with gridlocked roads in that area already during rush hours. This would do nothing to help with that, just make it worse.
    They should not be digging up fields with historical Bronze age relics under the soil which includes the burial mounds. There should be no building on top of monuments. And, adding a few trees to the existing because of removing important hedgerows is laughable. Which recent developers in Thanet building on our green corridors have done as they were instructed in the planning applications and put trees in? None, or they have put a few token trees in and left them to die, oh, not their problem then. Where are the officers at TDC to turn this application down?

  10. Is this proposed development going to be part of the local plan or on top of the 2500 houses already being built in Garlinge, Westgate and Birchington. And the vast area already being developed at Westwood and Nash lane.

  11. This area of land allocated for houses was only included after the vote to reserve Manston airfield for aviation use only. There were an extra 2500 houses allocated of which several hundred are in this area.

    Anyone living close to these areas moaning about gridlock or loss of farming land etc and who support the return of an airport at Manston can now see the reality of what is going to happen.

  12. Absolute scandal. It’s very interesting how these developments just happen with NO consideration given to the impact they have on the areas being developed. Time and time again these soulless sites are established with zero thought about their consequence.
    A corrupt central government and a corrupt local government.
    Unfortunately we can’t let these groups look after our environment and as a collective we must act.

  13. No-one seems to have spotted that that these plans clash directly with those for the ‘new’ A28 route by-passing Birchington, Westgate and Garlinge that is set to emerge on Hartsdown Road to the west of the Football Club as well!!

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