Police search for driver following Cliftonville crash

The driver left the scene before police arrived

Police are looking for the driver of a car which crashed in Cliftonville in the early hours of today (July 12) ending up on its side.

A black Audi flipped upside down on Approach Road at around 00.15am but the driver left the scene before police arrived.

A resident in the street said: “I saw the damage this morning, the back of a van was smashed up, and from the tyre marks and the fact the car was pretty much upside down, I’d think he was going at a fair rate. There’s just a few tyre marks on the road from the ABS kicking in.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Officers attended the area and the vehicle was recovered. Enquiries are ongoing to locate the driver who had left the area before officers arrived.”


  1. It is like a race track in Northdown Road today with noisy boy racer cars blasting up and down, flashy cars with alterations to exhaust pipes to cause a nuisance. Plenty of noisy scooters and peds also speeding along. This just gets worse in the evenings when they pick up their speed even more. It is not surprising accidents are going to happen, especially if they have been taking illicit substances and drinking alcohol on top. The police need to start stopping these vehicles and giving the owners orders to sort themselves and their cars/bikes out along with a section 59 police warning. Further offences would result in the vehicles being confiscated.

    • Kent Resident, I feel your pain my friend but it’s happening all over Thanet! we’re in a village and it’s constant, from about 7am to well past midnight, these single brain cell moron’s have absolute zero regard for anyone or anything other than their pathetic little lifestyle.

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