Drive-thru graduation ceremony for Minster Year 6 pupils

Graduation at Minster Primary

Year 6 pupils from Minster CofE Primary School were this week given a special graduation ceremony that abided by social distancing rules in the wake of COVID-19.

Knowing that this year, the children wouldn’t be able to have the traditional send-off at the village church, the school organised a Graduation Drive-Thru. Children were able to decorate their cars, dress up, wear their traditional leavers’ hats and drive ‘in procession’ to the entrance of the school where they were greeted with staff members cheering and holding banners, celebration music and an opportunity to have their picture taken in a giant picture frame, all whilst staying in the car and observing the latest government guidance on how to stay safe.

The children were also presented with a specially made Minster Graduation Scroll.

Mr Marston, Assistant Headteacher and organiser of the event, said: “The children have been incredible in the way that they have handled this crisis. They’ve missed out on many ‘rite of passage’ events this year including their week-long residential and school production but they’ve all just got on with it and made the best out of a bad situation.

“We felt they needed something special. This is just one iron in the fire and we have many more memory-making events lined up for them to make their final week here as special as possible.’

As well as the graduation drive – thru, the children have received Leavers’ hoodies, will take part in a virtual leavers’ ceremony and will have a socially distanced ‘picnic in the park’.

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