Can you help Christine with her Thanet relative search?

Maureen and Bill on their wedding day. The name on the cover is Malcolm Mills, Ramsgate.

Can you help Christine Reynolds nee Banks in her search for relatives? Christine is working on her family tree but is stumped by the Thanet connection.

She says:

“I am researching my family tree and am looking for relatives from my maternal grandfather’s branch, him being William Thomas O’Callaghan.

I am not sure how many siblings my grandfather had but know he definitely had two sisters, Nell (possibly Nellie) and Kate (maiden names O’Callaghan), both lived in Ramsgate, Dumpton Park is a place name that comes to mind.

Kate lived with Nell and her husband Jack. Nell and Jack had two daughters named Doreen and Maureen. Unfortunately I do not know their surname, they were just Aunt Nell and Uncle Jack.

I believe Doreen married John and Maureen married Bill (possibly William) again I am not aware of any surnames. My brother and I remember visiting  when we were children in the 1960s and I alongside my husband(to be) remember going to Ramsgate for both Doreen’s and Maureen’s weddings, which would possibly have been in the mid/late 1970s. I am aware that Nell, Kate, and Jack would have passed some time ago but there could be a slim chance that Doreen or Maureen may still be with us.

If these people could be your relatives, ie.parents/grandparents/great grandparents please could you contact me with any information you may have about them.”

Contact Christine on: [email protected]