Man treated by paramedics following out of control bonfire in Margate

Crews at at the scene Photo: Frank Leppard

A man was treated by paramedics last night (July 5) for smoke inhalation after a bonfire became out of control in Margate.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to Invicta Road at 7.16pm after the bonfire spread through trees to a garage.  Crews wearing breathing apparatus used a hose reel jet to tackle the flames.
Photo: Frank Leppard
The man was left in the care of ambulance crews suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.

Following the incident firefighters are urging people to carefully consider the placement and size of any bonfires that are being planned.




  1. You can’t ban people having bonfires. But people need to take responsibility for what they are doing. Safety measures should be taken with setting up a hose pipe ready to put any fire out that gets out of hand, and to make sure it is out when you are finished. Always keeping an eye on it until the end. Not to have one where overhanging branches and buildings are close by. Most of this is just common sense but people are still taking chances when they shouldn’t. Most people are careful about bonfires but there are a few who aren’t for whatever reason.
    We were all asked by the authorities not to have bonfires through this pandemic though due to the smoke causing breathing difficulties for those with the virus. People should try remember at this time.

  2. As if the emergency services haven’t been busy enough! Get a grip people! It’s not even funny. It’s about time everyone went back to work!

  3. Bonfires can be banned using the Public Nuisance Act, which is what I tried to get TDC Environmental people to do, last year when a builder started burning rubbish on site, 50 meters from where I live, even bringing rubbish in from elsewhere! I had all my windows in my bungalow open at the time, which filled with smoke, causing a coughing fit! But as usual TDC Officers will always try and pass the buck rather than take action! Its part of my official complaint sitting gathering dust in the Local Government Ombudsman office, which runs to six pages, and copies of 22 emails!

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