Eleven Thanet play areas are due to reopen

Minnis Bay play area is one of those reopening Photo Carl Hudson

Eleven of Thanet’s 33 play areas will reopen on Monday (July 6).

Thanet council has conducted a review of its sites and ahead of allowing the public to use the areas they will be deep cleaned, with twice weekly cleans using a diluted disinfectant on Mondays and Thursdays.

Signs will be placed in the play areas about maintaining social distancing and limiting contact with others. There will also be reminders that no food or drink is to be consumed within the play areas and that users should bring their own hand sanitiser.

The playgrounds will not be marshalled and people choosing to use them will be expected to use their own judgement on whether the area is too crowded to practice safe social distancing.

The remaining 22 play spaces will be opened up at a later date. Residents are urged to respect the rules and stay away from closed play equipment.

Play areas opening from Monday 6 July:

  • Minnis Bay Birchington,
  • Crispe Park Birchington,
  • Westgate Lymington Rec,
  • Dane Park Margate,
  • Northdown Park,
  • Viking Playground Cliftonville,
  • Pierremont Park Broadstairs,
  • Memorial Rec Broadstairs,
  • King George VI Park Ramsgate,
  • Ellington Park Ramsgate,
  • Courtstairs Play Area.


  1. Courtstairs has never closed, signs have continually been torn down and ignored we have had to put up with loud noise drinking and rubbish from morning until midnight throughout this farcical lockdown as soon as day lot go the teenagers and then adults take over with their partying. A total joke

  2. Exactly the same with the Boundary Road play area. Despite signs being placed and the gate to the kiddies play area being secured, parents and children have been frequently using it.
    Same with the ball court.
    No wonder CV is still spreading.

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