Dispersal orders for Margate and Broadstairs amid antisocial behaviour fears

Police in Margate at a previous incident

Two dispersal orders will be enforced in Margate and Broadstairs this weekend (July 3-5) following concerns over anti-social behaviour on and around the beaches.

Additional police patrols will be operating around Margate Main Sands and between Botany Bay and Viking Bay to guard against possible crime and disorder.

Kent Police officers authorised the orders under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act following concerns on previous weekends.

The orders, which run from 4pm today (July 3) to 4pm on Sunday, July 5, mean any group of two or more people found causing, or likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress can be dispersed by a uniformed officer.

The action is being taken as part of a wider response to the large number of visitors to the area this summer, which is being co-ordinated by Thanet District Council’s beach management plan.

Chief Inspector Ed Ruffle, District Commander for Thanet, said: “The vast majority of those who visit Thanet enjoy themselves without causing problems for other people.

“In some recent weeks however, we have sadly seen a minority who risk ruining it for others with excessive drinking, anti-social behaviour and, in some cases, violence.

“Kent Police is working with the local authority, who has responsibility for the management of beaches, to ensure that coastal areas remain safe and pleasant places for both residents and visitors.

“These dispersal orders will see our officers regularly patrolling the areas covered and intervening where anyone is found to be misbehaving.

“Failure to comply with an instruction given by an officer could also lead to an arrest being made.”


  1. Dispersed where

    Where you dispersing them to Madelune Homer and Gavin Waite love nest so they actually do something for 200k a year plus lunch out… Ffs

  2. If a lot of these people are from the Medway and London areas wouldn’t it make sense that Medway and London could share some of their police officers to help coastal communities control the drunk and drugged up thugs from their areas overwhelming our policing resources at the weekend’s?

    Kent police sometimes has to send officers to London to help out so why can’t they reciprocate and help Kent police make our beeches safe for everyone. It’s just a suggestion but surely it’s a reasonable one.

  3. Place them on trains back home if non residents if they don’t comply lock them up in the clock tower toilets as this would be the most appropriate place for them. It’s a shame that so many of the visitors (if last few weeks visiting people) have been causing so much trouble and mess. And yes I know a lot of local people (not just the youth) will over indulge and end up causing problems for our police and residents of thanet I hope it is not to bad for the police.

  4. So I guess as the dispersal orders do not cover Ramsgate & the Police will be in the areas listed above, then Ramsgate will be heaving…… Bloody great….. not. ?

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