Road closure after car overturns in Ramsgate

Police have closed the road Photo Jamie Kight

Emergency services are in attendance after a car overturned in Ramsgate.

Kent Police was called to a report of the incident in Hereson Road at 1.38pm.

Officers are in attendance alongside Kent Fire and Rescue Service and South East Coast Ambulance Service, who are assessing for injuries at the scene.

A road closure has been enforced at the junction of Montefiore Avenue to ensure public safety.


  1. Idiot drivers use Hereson road and Dumpton Park Drive as race tracks. The speed these idiots drive it’s amazing more people haven’t been seriously injured or killed. Hereson road needs speed cameras especially near the petrol station. Speed cameras are the only thing that will stop these fools speeding.

  2. Put in lots of speed humps ,if they don’t slow down they will probably ruin their suspension that would be great!

  3. It was a very elderly driver and his wife who overturned, they were not speeding and witnesses stated they were recovered from the vehicle safely with minor injuries.

  4. Jumping to conclusions yet again. Speeding is no longer confined to specific roads but is endemic everywhere these days.
    Hope the elderly couple are ok.
    I also noted that there was a diversion of buses and cars from the Windmill pub down Whitehall on Friday. Anyone know the reason for that one?

  5. Calm down with your assumptions. The people in the car were my mum and her partner….they are in their seventies! Both are recovering at home.

  6. Beats me how they managed to flip their car then, if they were not speeding! Some years ago a young woman cut me up on my bike hitting my front wheel at exactly the same spot! She was coming from Broadstairs direction, and turned left towards the garden centre, and hit me so I landed just in front of oncoming traffic, which luckily stopped! Several people got her number, because she left the scene, called the police and an ambulance for me! One even took me home, after the Greyhound took my bike in for me!

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