Kent health campaigners to host ‘Crush Corona’ online meeting

Dr Coral Jones is among the speakers

An online public meeting on July 2 will question the safety of people in Thanet as the lockdown is eased.

Speakers will include Maria Kallis,  manager of the Eaton Lodge Care Home in Westgate, who says that she feels the government has “let down” care homes.

“Crush Corona: Not One More Death!” will feature a panel of speakers led by Dr Allyson Pollock, professor of public health and co-director of Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence in Regulatory Science.

Hosted by the Save Our NHS in Kent group, the meeting will provide Thanet people with a chance to discuss how the local health service has coped with the virus.

Local care home and hospital staff will also take part.

One member of the panel, health campaigner, former Lbour election candidate and GP, Dr Coral Jones, said: “It’s becoming clearer by the day that the government has fundamentally mismanaged the Covid crisis. They have tried to run things from the top and catastrophically neglected to make proper use of GPs and local authorities.”

Dr Jones added: “Many other things have gone wrong and it’s crucial we correct these mistakes.”

Other questions which will be considered at the meeting will include:

  • How well have our hospitals coped?
  • What’s happening in our care homes?
  • What are the risks in sending more and more children back to school?
  • Can we rely on the official advice and policies?

Dr Jones said: “We have already discovered that terrible things have happened in our care homes. People have been discharged from hospitals to care homes without being tested for the virus and care homes have been fatally lacking in protective equipment, But I believe there is a lot more which will soon come to light. These matters must be exposed and lessons must be learnt.”

Other speakers will include Chris Lilley of the National Education Union. More will be announced closer to the date.

Members of the public are invited to take part in the meeting, ask questions and make comments.

The meeting is at 6pm on Thursday 2 July. The link is

Meeting ID: 840 1348 1412
Password: 830307

It’s possible to register for the meeting on…