RNLI lifeboats, lifeguards and Coastguard rescue paddle boarders caught in strong winds and rough sea

Margate lifeboats and the RNLI lifeguard service took part in the rescue

Margate RNLI lifeboats, RNLI lifeguards from Margate and Joss Bay and the Margate coastguard team rescued two paddle boarders in trouble due strong wind conditions and rough seas today (June 28).

RNLI lifeguards at Joss Bay contacted UK Coastguard around 1.30pm to report they were attempting to rescue two people on a paddle board around 250m offshore. They were being blown seawards in a strong offshore wind and choppy seas and requested further assistance.

Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched to assist, supported by the all-weather lifeboat. Margate RNLI lifeguards also responded with their rescue water craft (RWC) and Margate’s coastguard rescue team (CRT) were also tasked.

Guided by the CRT, the inshore lifeboat was quickly on scene and after assessing the situation transferred the two paddle boarders into the care of the coastguards ashore. The lifeguard rescue craft remained with the paddle board until the inshore lifeboat returned to transfer one of the Joss Bay lifeguards and the board ashore.

The inshore lifeboat and lifeguard rescue craft returned to station escorted by the all-weather lifeboat in what was by then near-gale force wind conditions.

Ian Lowe, Deputy Launching Authority said: ”Conditions deteriorated rapidly justifying the multiple unit response. We urge people to take great care if the wind is blowing off the land, it may be calm close inshore but once away from the lee of the land small craft and swimmers can be quickly swept seawards.”

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