Man collapses during large disturbance in Margate

Police were called to a disturbance Photo Roy Foord

Emergency services attended a disturbance in Margate last night (June 26) and discovered one man who had collapsed.

Police were called at 9pm to a row involving a number of people in Marine Terrace.

Officers found the man, who had been involved in the incident, collapsed nearby.

The South East Coast Ambulance Service attended and the man was taken to hospital. His injuries are not believed to be serious.


  1. Fine them all, we are still in a pandemic and people need to start taking responsibility for themselves and others with social distancing. Why are there so many thugs and fools in Thanet?

    • A lot of the thugs and fools come from elsewhere in England.
      Always have.
      This is just a sign that things are “getting back to normal”. Aren’t we lucky?!

  2. When are thanet District Council going to learn do you honestly think people who don’t live down in thanet are going to adhere to 2mtr social distancing rule when they come down to our beaches.And when trains are rammed full people holding alcohol in there hands probably down to cause trouble because straight away as the beaches were open every hot day when they can go to the beaches there’s always trouble. Why oh why do we have to keep cleaning are beautiful beaches with left rubbish cans of beer bottles when the lazy people can’t get off there back sides and take it to the bins. If myself who is a westgate resident was to drop litter anywhere I would be fined. If the 2mtr distancing rule can not be inforced then at the present time as if the thanet District seems to be utterly blind to the situation they should not be allowed to put residents health at risk if a second wave comes down to these areas you as a council should be held totally responsible. All the council seems to worry about is the money side of things not the health shame on you.The thanet District Council leader ought to go on the beaches on these sort of days and tell people on the beach to social distance and see what response he gets.

  3. Not down to the leader of the council. Government made the rules so it should be enforced by the long arming the law either Old Bill If our beaches are rammed, draft the JH from elsewhere around Kent and Medway

  4. What a cras comment you idiot. Say that to the millions worldwide who have lost loved ones.say it to the doctor’s and nurses who have been battling to save people. You “idiot” will be the very type likely to start the virus up again. Use your brain man.

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