Lifeguards to patrol three more Thanet beaches – and a rescue at Margate

RNLI Thanet lifeguards Charlie Frame-Evans, Taine Carrick and Josh Jones who were on the team carrying out the rescue (pictured on shift at Viking Bay) Photo RNLI/Lucy MacGowan

RNLI lifeguard service will be put in place at three more Thanet beaches from next Saturday (July 4).

The service will return to  Minnis Bay, Ramsgate and Stone Bay. These are in addition to Margate Main Sands, Viking Bay, Botany Bay and Joss Bay which already have patrols in place.

Lifeguards have already been in action on the Thanet coast and had to carry out a rescue off Margate Main Sands last Sunday (June 21).

RNLI lifeguards coming to the end of their shift saw three men heading into the sea without any buoyancy aids to go fishing on inflatables.

The orange windsock was flying as there was a strong offshore breeze, wave height was up to one metre and the tide was ebbing. Lifeguards advised the trio they would be safer staying on the beach and explained the combined risks of those sea conditions.

The men continued into the water and, before long, had been blown almost a quarter of a mile out to sea from where they were struggling to return to shore. Fortunately, the lifeguards had kept an eye on them and at 5.25pm were able to launch their water ski to rescue the group. The men were cold and shocked that their situation had become so dangerous so quickly but were otherwise unharmed.

One man was helped from the water onto the rescue craft and the other two were towed back to the beach on their inflatable. The lifeguards informed HM Coastguard as one of the inflatables had been abandoned and they were conscious that there might be calls from concerned members of the public.

Lead Lifeguard Supervisor for Thanet & Swale, Lucy-Jane MacGowan, said: ‘Although we’re always glad to see a happy ending, we would ask visitors to our beaches to speak to lifeguards about the conditions, keep an eye on the flags and do what they can to keep themselves safe.

“It might be exciting to watch a rescue from the beach but if you’re on the other end of it, it’s not so much fun. Enjoy the water but please take care, and if it’s not safe to go in, save your dip for another day. The sea isn’t going anywhere!”

RNLI lifeguard service rolled out to more beaches and added seafront security from Thanet council


  1. It just shows the mentality of some people who do not take advice from three people who know what they are talking about and then they have to be rescued stupidity to the extent they were lucky the guards kept an eye out for them and saved them from almost certain deaths the water/sea is unforgiving.

    • Yes – it once again proves that you cannot argue with stupidity !

      We can only hope that these three muppets each made a sizeable donation to the RNLI to show their gratitude and remorse.

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