RNLI lifeguard service rolled out to more beaches and added seafront security from Thanet council

Lifeguard service being rolled out Photo RNLI

Lifeguards will be in place on Margate Main Sands from this weekend, adding to patrols already in place at Viking Bay, Botany Bay and Joss bay.

Since lockdown restrictions were eased last month, the RNLI has worked hard to roll out lifeguard patrols on 47 beaches in England, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Now these beaches are operational and new ways of working and equipment have been properly put to the test, the RNLI is accelerating its service roll-out and increasing the number of beaches which will have a lifeguard service.

The charity is hoping to have lifeguards on around 170 beaches by early July – 70 per cent of the beaches it would patrol in a normal summer.

This is an increase on the 70 the RNLI had anticipated being able to cover this year due to issues caused by Covid-19.

Photo RNLI/Nathan Williams

RNLI Chief Executive, Mark Dowie, said: “We are now confident we can provide a more comprehensive lifeguard service this summer safely, despite the continuing challenges created by the pandemic. The first few weeks having lifeguards back on beaches has helped us properly test the new ways of operating and reassured everyone that we can accelerate and expand our plans.

“Our original plan to lifeguard 70 beaches this summer was a conservative one, made when many things were still unknown. Now, though, we have a better idea of the journey out of lockdown for all parts of the UK, understand the new regulations with which we must comply as an employer and service provider and, most importantly, feel we can properly manage the risks associated with Coronavirus. So, we are revising our plans and adding to the number of beaches we can lifeguard this summer.”

Lifeguards are already operating on more beaches than initially expected by this date, with up to 40 more beaches due to have safety patrols this weekend (June 20), bringing the total operational to more than 80.

RNLI lifeguards will begin their season on Margate Sands from this Saturday in addition to Viking Bay, Botany Bay and Joss Bay which already have lifeguards in place for the season.

The RNLI is continuing to talk to  local authorities and beach owners about which additional beaches might be lifeguarded this summer, seeking to align with the proposed early July lifting of restrictions on the tourism and hospitality industries. The RNLI will announce this information as soon as possible.

Cllr Rick Everitt, Leader of Thanet District Council said: “We welcome the return of the RNLI lifeguards to Margate Main Sands this weekend, which means lifeguard provision is in place at three of our most popular bays. Anyone who does visit our coastline should always remember to plan ahead and, where possible, visit lifeguarded beaches if they plan to go in the water. At beaches which do not currently have a lifeguard, people should always follow the RNLI’s water safety guidance.

“Our beaches have been extremely popular in the unseasonably warm weather and despite lockdown restrictions easing, things are still not operating as normal. People must continue to act responsibly and safely whilst visiting the area, this includes everything from maintaining social distancing at public toilets and parking responsibly, to putting their litter in the bin or taking it home.

“Working with our partners like the RNLI, we have developed a Beach Management Plan to target our collaborative efforts towards ensuring our beaches are as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone who uses them.”

Photo by Carl Hudson

The plan includes increased enforcement to tackle anti-social behaviour on Thanet beaches, with a greater enforcement presence from Bay Inspectors and Enforcement Officers as well as additional security staff in the coming weeks and months. TDC will also work with the police and the RNLI to continually monitor the situation on the beaches.

Photo Marc One Security

The RNLI will provide resources on seven blue flag beaches with the support of TDC and other volunteer groups. Bay Inspectors will help with the supervision of lost children and assist the  RNLI with minor first aid and liaison with emergency services.

Dates for cover to be confirmed for: Ramsgate, Stone Bay and Minnis Bay.

Lifeguard patrols

New measures to deal with the Coronavirus mean the RNLI lifeguard service will look a little different this year. Lifeguards will wear PPE like ambulance crews in some situations. New protocols for all first responders mean the lifeguards may not deal with some minor first aid cases but will support people to treat themselves.

They will also try to keep socially distant from beach goers, and may need to adopt different patrol methods at times.

The charity is also continuing to urge anyone planning to visit the coast to make sure they keep themselves and their families safe by following beach safety advice. Anyone planning a visit to the coast should remember to:

  • Have a plan – check the weather forecast, tide times, and read local hazard signage
  • Keep a close eye on your family – on the beach and in the water
  • Don’t allow your family to swim alone
  • Don’t use inflatables
  • If you fall into the water unexpectedly, FLOAT TO LIVE. Fight your instinct to thrash around, lean back, extend your arms and legs, and Float
  • In an emergency dial 999, and ask for the Coastguard


  1. 2 metres distancing has never been followed
    No policing of this via Rick everrit who handed over Ramsgate sea front to offshore leaks Colin Hill. The leader who allowed ferries to have a pink paper of over £6m debt

  2. Excellent news that there will be greater enforcement action by the Bay Inspector and Enforcement Officers.

    Hopefully they will be patrolling the beach and handing out rubbish sacks to all those who bring their own food and drink, and handing out fines to those who spread their litter all over the beach.

    I also look forward to hearing the Bay Inspector using the tannoy system to make regular reminders to beach users to dispose of their litter in the promenade bins, not to light barbecues during the day, and not to have their dogs on the beach – rather than merely ordering beach users to return their deck chairs by 5.30 !

    • Ramsgate has not had a “proper” beach inspector for years. The presence of such an official, even if (s)he were to put in just occasional appearances, would go a long way to helping to keep our beach safe and clean for families.

  3. Hopefully, but probably not, they start enforcing no parking on the pavements and promenades in Margate along with littering, they could bring in a good income for TDC.. It’s what is needed!

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