Police ‘using every tactic available’ to deal with beach violence and covid restriction breaches

Police in Margate at a previous incident

Kent Police put in place a 24-hour dispersal order in Margate yesterday (June 25) in a bid to tackle disturbances that broke out on the seafront in the evening.

Officers were called to two separate disturbances in Viking Bay, Broadstairs at 6.20pm and on Margate Main Sands at 7.15pm.

In both instances, no criminal offences and no injuries were reported to attending officers but one man was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon after the dispersal order was enacted.

British Transport Police were also called to a large disturbance at Margate Railway Station at 8.04pm.

A BTP spokesman said: “There was a disagreement between a large group of people. No offences were recorded and officers gave words of advice.”

Chief Inspector Ed Ruffle, District Commander for Thanet, said: “Kent Police is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour on Thanet’s beaches and is taking action to ensure they remain pleasant places to visit and enjoy.

Photo Frank Leppard

“We are also using every tactic available to us to deal with violence in the district and yesterday put in place a 24-hour order which resulted in a man being arrested in Margate on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.

“At the same time as tackling anti-social behaviour and violence, we are also continuing to engage with anyone found in breach of the coronavirus restrictions, to explain why they are necessary and to encourage them to comply.

“Enforcement through the issuing of fixed penalty notices is only being used as an absolute last resort in line with national guidance.”

The incidents came at the end of a hugely busy day on Thanet’s beaches with one resident saying you couldn’t “even see the sand” at Margate. Similar crowds descended on Botany Bay.

Thousands of visitors came to the isle, many leaving behind mountains of litter that council staff and volunteers started to clear this morning.

According to The Independent Health Secretary Matt Hancock said yesterday that beaches could be shut if people continue to ignore social distancing rules. The comment was in response to the major incident declared in Bournemouth.


  1. It’s just like the good old days! Looks like Margate’s younger generations are finally getting down with the Boomers, smashing stuff up and fighting on the beach, just like the 1960s.


  2. So violent mass fights in public places are now called disagreements and are no longer offences ? Political correctness gone mad.

    Rather than enforcing the law and telling criminals and lawbreakers to adhere to the law the police are now forced into pleading with people to act within the law. What a joke our police have been made into.

    The criminal justice system is looking more impotent by the day. A weak police force only encourages more crime, it’s no wonder so many youngsters are antisocial and breaking the law, there no longer a deterrent stopping them.

  3. I would have thought whilst there is a pandemic at least the police would get tough with the idiots who are anti socially ignoring the regulations not the other way around. It is this type of intelligence that will cause a second wave and peak in the coronavirus here in the worst hit european country, and second worst in the world. The chief officer is a fool to be so backwards in his stance. No wonder the younger generations laugh and disrespect the police with all their protesting. They get away with too much. We need strict policing against abusive scum that do whatever they want, no matter how it effects others.

  4. this aint the miners strike. This era is of people attacking chasing and humiliating police. BLM released the beasts of chaos. The only answer is overwhelming force. But we don’t have the numbers in police or armed forces.

    I expect an earlier than winter second covid wave.

  5. Waiting to see my physio but can’t because of idiots on beaches infecting
    Shut beaches or go to spain

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