Family call for action over Botany Road chaos after driver mounts pavement and narrowly misses nine-year-old

Traffic chaos and Kaiya with best friend Archie who pulled her to safety

A Broadstairs family are appealing for people to come forward if they have video footage or other evidence of a car that mounted the kerb in Botany Road on Wednesday(June 24) and, they say, narrowly missed two children.

Claire Brownlie and her mum Lorraine Hudson say nine-year-old Kaiya Brownlie could have been hit by the vehicle if it wasn’t for the quick actions of her friend Archie pulling her out of the way.

At around 4pm Claire, her daughter Kaiya and friend Archie, Lorraine and Archie’s mum Angie were in Botany Road when an impatient 4×4 driver mounted the pavement and drove at speed past other cars.

Lorraine said: “While we were standing outside our property a driver who got fed up waiting for the traffic mounted the pavement, narrowly missing my granddaughter’s friend’s mother.

“In his haste to get away the driver shot down the pavement at speed towards my granddaughter, it was only because of the quick thinking of Kaiya’s friend who pulled her to safety that she didn’t end up in hospital.

“I have witnessed many drivers mounting pavements to pass congested traffic, narrowly missing my car. The police have said as there was no CCTV footage the most they can do is have words with the driver.

“Something needs to be done before there’s a fatality.”

Kaiya’s mum says if there is video footage of the silver vehicle, thought to be a Mercedes. that she can show to police there would be a greater chance of the driver facing sanctions.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 4.10pm on Wednesday 24 June  to a report of dangerous driving in Botany Road, Kingsgate.

“A silver 4×4, thought to have been a Mercedes, was said to have mounted the pavement where pedestrians were walking. No injuries were reported.

“Officers attended and are carrying out enquiries.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 22229 quoting reference 24-1150.

You can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers in Kent anonymously on 0800 555 111, or complete the online form at

Lorraine says that following a complaint from the family over a lack of action to pursue the incident police are now due to take statements.

She added: “They have sent an officer on a bike who is monitoring the road and yesterday they closed the road briefly as it was so congested.”

Recent parking chaos Photo Katy Larkins

The road is regularly hit by traffic chaos throughout the Summer months as people wanting to go to Botany Bay park in the road, often blocking access. Yesterday residents reported the highest volume of visitors to date.

Yesterday a fire crew attempting to reach the bay after a report of a barbecue fire became stuck due to the solid parking either side of the road.

Photo Rob Knight

Resident Rob Knight said: “Had that been a house fire it would have potentially been a total loss- it took the appliance a good 15 minutes to get through the pinch point alone.”

Residents in the Botany Bay area are being asked to take part in a consultation aimed at solving the ‘parking hell’.

Last year a public meeting was held to discuss the problems and talk about using a residents’ parking permit scheme to resolve the issues.

Proposals suggest a one hour time limit for visitor parking. Overstaying that limit could result in a £70 Fixed Penalty Notice.

Resident parking permits would cost around £74 per year. Blue badge owners could park without a permit as long as the blue badge is displayed in the car window.

Consultation forms have gone to residents in:

Ashurst Gardens, Botany Road, Buckhurst Drive, Dolphin Close, Foreness Close, Knockholt Road, Lamberhurst Way, Monkton Gardens, Percy Avenue, Sandhurst Road, The Ridings, Yardhurst Gardens.

Find the Botany Bay Traffic Solutions Group on facebook here


  1. Maybe if the railings were removed and parking was allowed all along the grassed areas, at £8 pound for 4 hours would help. Mind you next summer when millions go abroad again I expect the problem will be gone. This year will good weather and millions not able to to abroad it’s been a bit crowded. It’s not just the residents of Botany road it’s all along the coast line.

    • Ann , your totally correct its because people can,t go abroad, so all these millions are visiting home country locations , its just a shame thanet businesses and the council can,t make some money out of them for our economy yet !

  2. Why should the residents whom own their homes have to pay for the privilege of parking in their own street. That’s just someone being money hungry somewhere.

    • Yup absolutely ! Resident parking permits will make no difference whatsoever – if they happily ignore double yellow lines they will hardly obey resident parking signs

  3. Yesterday was absolutely horrendous, cars everywhere, in fact a traffic wardens delight except there never are any around. Residents have had enough and something has to be done before a serious accident happens. I live in George Hill Road and even the field opposite was used for some 60 or so cars. This is private property. My husband and I go out around 7 pm to clear up rubbish that has been left in the street, it is disgraceful.
    We have taken photos of the dangerous parking of vehicles.
    They are on pavements, on bends, with no regards to wheelchair users or mothers with pushchairs, they have to weave in and out of the parked cars. Our neighbours daughter had her car damaged and she is their career.
    All we want is some restrictions here with immediate effect as there will be a fatal accident soon.

    • I agree with you Joy. The parking yesterday was beyond idiotic around there. Pavements blocked, parking on bends, unofficial car parks emerging in the field opposite the shop etc. I was bewildered to see not one of the cars had a ticket on. On the hottest day of the year and with all the warnings from the days before I cannot comprehend why TDC didn’t send parking officers to the area. They let all the local residents down.

  4. Ann… will make no difference people going abroad next year….Botany Bay will, and have always, had a problem with DFLS coming to Kent….

  5. You are absolutely sure ,Ramsgatonian, that every single visitor to Botany Bay in the past is from London?

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