‘No car zone’ for non-residents to be created by Drapers Mills during school run hours

Traffic measures by Drapers Mills primary

A ‘no car zone’ for non-residents will be introduced by Drapers Mills primary.

The scheme, which will mean Drapers Mills at St Peter’s Footpath, adjacent to the school and inclusive of the windmill area, will be shut to all except resident vehicles between 8am and 9.15am and again at 3.15pm until 4pm.

School-related traffic will be directed to park in Dane Valley Road and children will be escorted to the school in a ‘park and stride’ scheme via the allotments path.

There will also be a narrowing of College Road to slow traffic. The aim is to ease traffic congestion in roads close to the school.

The scheme will be paid for out of a £1.6 million government grant to Kent County Council to help make active travel easier.

County councillor Barry Lewis, who represents Margate, said: “ I am grateful KCC has seen the advantage of this scheme, which is the first in Kent to have a ‘no car’ zone around a school.

“I have worked hard with the head teacher and his staff to come to this point. This will protect children from the school run traffic and the dangers to their health and safety.”

The Department for Transport cash is specifically to invest in walking and cycling initiatives across the county.

The scheme is one of several across the county which will be put in place within the next eight weeks by Kent Highways.

Kent County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport Michael Payne said: “My thanks go to the Kent Highways officers who have been working hard behind the scenes so we are in a position to implement a first tranche of schemes.

“Kent Highways has been successful in being granted 100% of the money that we were able to bid for at this stage.

“This means that some ready to roll schemes from amongst the many ideas that have been worked upon and lots of other good ideas can now be put in place.

“I wish to see the advantages that we have all been able to share from the recent enforced confinement locked in, with trials such as these across Kent.

“If these initial trials are successful, and we subsequently receive the second tranche of monies that the Government has said it is prepared to allocate to Kent, even more schemes can be prioritised with the involvement of Members of Kent County Council.

“We have to be realistic in that the first round of schemes will not satisfy everyone who has made suggestions, but by concept testing, in a way that has not been previously affordable, we have the chance to encourage more cycling and walking and make our roads safer for all users.

“After all, who does not want cleaner air and less traffic congestion as well as safer streets?”

Government is investing £70 million to help restart local economies and make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

If the initial grant is spent within eight weeks, KCC will have access to full funding of just over £8 million for further active travel schemes across the county.


      • I always walked the allotment path to and from school back in 1953 to 1962. My parents did not have a car, and not only was it exercise for you it was enjoyable. Come rain,sun, snow heat and cold we walked the walk. Hope it stays in force

  1. “After all, who does not want cleaner air and less traffic congestion as well as safer streets?”

    How about finishing the rapid chargers for electric taxis that have been abandoned since February

    • I doubt it will change the amount of air pollution, traffic, congestion and road safety, it’ll just move it to Dane Valley Road instead.

  2. Electric cars won’t lead to “less traffic congestion as well as safer streets”.
    We have to get away from the whole notion of private cars.

  3. Credit, where credit is due. Sleepy Barry Lewis has actually done something this time! Will it last? Let’s see.

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