Four arrested following Cliftonville shop burglary

Image Kent Police

Four men have been arrested following the burglary of a shop in Cliftonville.

Kent Police was called at 3am on Sunday (June 7) after a group of people were seen leaving a shop in Northdown Road with a large bag.

Officers attended and discovered the shutter of the shop had been damaged and a large number of cigarettes had been stolen.

Four men, aged between 19 and 28, all from the Gravesend area, were later arrested in Gravesend on suspicion of burglary.

They have all since been released on bail until Monday, June 29, Tuesday, June 30 and Wednesday, July 1.

Enquiries are ongoing and police have seized a crowbar and cigarettes as part of their investigation.


  1. These people or should I say thieves come to Thanet because there’s not enough police on the streets when I we going to see the extra police promised at the general election?

  2. Does not matter what shop
    Come on Richard Kent police are the best force.. No.
    We do need hobbies on beat but would you pay more tax Richard

    It does not matter where criminals come from but maybe Gravesend council can cough up the damage.. Organised crime it sounds like

  3. I saw the shutters of the shop that sells the cheap cigarettes being fixed this morning so expect they got away with those fags that have no UK health warnings on. Should have made them smoke them all as a part punishment.

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