Margate’s Victorian shelter taped off after vandals rip out benching

Ripped out seating

Thanet council has taped off the Victorian shelter in Margate’s Marine Drive after vandals ripped out seating and dumped rubbish including a trolley.

The destruction was discovered this morning (June 8) by a resident. The Isle of Thanet News alerted the council to the debris.

A council team has since been to the shelter to clear the mess and the broken glass and will now have to fork out taxpayers’ cash for the repairs.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “It’s always disappointing to have to spend council tax payers’ money on repairing mindless vandalism. Our street cleansing team attended the shelter as soon as it was reported earlier today and cleared up the mess and broken glass. It has been temporarily taped off while the bench seat gets repaired.

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“Anyone who witnesses vandalism or other anti-social behaviour should report it to the police as soon as possible using 101 or, if it is persistent, to our Community Safety team online.”


    • The usual Margate lowlife. Sadly they keep breeding?. The police are too busy being nice to anarchists to do anything. Law and order? That is against my human rights bruv?

  1. So depressed by all this kind of news today 8/6/20 (Bristol, etc.). There must be police going past here all the time to and from the Station, yet the number of incidents that don’t seem to get picked up is really quite concerning.

    • The people of Margate smashed up a shelter where T.S.Eliot wrote part of The Wasteland. The people of Bristol ejected a memorial to a slave-trader who gave a small proportion of his profits from human-trafficking to the city.

  2. That shelter would be best off in a skip. It always smells of urine and attracts undesirables. It would make much more sense to put some modern toilets in its place that can only be accessed by using a contactless card.

    • You are the vandal Ann. That shelter is a landmark of world literary history as well as architecturally important to Margate. The toilets next door are currently closed; the logic of excluding people from toilets as a way of stopping the smell of urine from the area escapes me. As does the criteria for issuing these contactless cards to a seaside resort that makes its money from day-trippers. Perhaps you can also advise on who you consider “undesirables”. I’d like to make their acquaintance.

  3. I thought this was a peaceful from what has the shelter got to do with this. Is there anymore damage done around town where did they come from the demonstrators come from they were certainly not locals. There is CCTV opposite they must seen something. I have no sympathy with demonstrators who do this.

    • This was done overnight. The demo finished at 1pm so I don’t think they are connected

    • It probably had nothing to do with the demonstration as it was discovered this morning.

    • Of course there is a ‘nanny’ state, these fuckers should be treated the same as William Wallace, punished beyond belief then and only then society would follow the rules given on the two tablets. Get tough Britain, at the moment it’s a farce.

    • had NOTHING to do with the demonstration….. Margate gets vandalized all year round by idiots….. LOCAL IDIOTS……! ! !

    • It was nothing to do with the demonstration. What ridiculous scapegoating. And it definitely was all locals on the parade, I could name 100 people there I know personally.

  4. few years ago the TDC boarded it up to keep rough sleepers out, it only needs grills around it that can be pulled down and locked at night.

  5. There is CCTV – it will almost certainly be used to ID the perpetrators – however, at this point there’s no evidence, of any kind, that the 100% peaceful demonstration on Sunday at *midday* had anything whatsoever to do with this *overnight* act of mindless destruction of our coastal architectural heritage.

    No blame game needed – let’s see what Marine Drive CCTV reveals & police prosecutions follow!

  6. This had nothing to do with the march yesterday and as for the marchers ‘all being out of towners’, loads of local people I know went so lol to that one.

    They (they being the illuminati) should turn the site into the world’s biggest cheese, put Margate on the map for more than just homelessness, Chas N Dave and p*ss

  7. Time to bring back village Bobbie’s, at least 2 per village/town. Technology can’t replace feet on the ground VISIBLE POLICE that’s what’s needed

    • It would certainly help. Just knowing that a couple of actual proper policeman with full protection are walking your area every day and night may enable a lot of the elderly residents to have a better nights sleep.if anybody in authority ever reads this, can you please do us all a big service and listen to what is being asked. Thank you.

  8. To those wishing to rip it down. That there shelter was where T S Eliot penned one of the most important poems of the 19rh Century, The Wasteland. I despair of this country at the moment. We are at a pivotal moment in.our history, with many on a path of self destruction.

  9. I am one of the organisers of the family friendly, peaceful and inspiring Margate to Minneapolis March yesterday. As the event organiser, I was amongst the last to leave around 1.30pm. I went to the police station at 3.30pm to find out if there had been any problems that I was unaware of. I was told there weren’t any reports or complaints in regards to the march prior to, during or after. I then had an interview with BBC SE in the pouring rain around 4 PM and there was not a soul on the steps or the piazza. I am proud of my town and overwhelmed by the amount of people that came out to take a stand against racism and prejudice. Margate feels better and will be better because of that.

    • Well done Ayaan, for organising a successful, peaceful demonstration.

      However, given some of the responses to this thread, there’s still a lot of work to be done. What’s also disturbing are the people looking for a more authoritarian state. The levels of irony are difficult to comprehend.

  10. Can the council,not put more CCTV cameras up more places.we need them desperately, and a lot more bins on sea fronts and dog bins.margate needs cleaning up ,making it once again,a proud place to live in.x

    • Also the one they have for the beach they should actually face at the beach, I’ve noticed alot of the time it’s faced on the road following traffic instead of monitoring anti social hotspots

  11. All the calls for review of cctv seem to assume that it has an operator 24/7, pretty sure thats not the case. And even if it is how many operators will be on shift on a sunday night? So my guess is that it’ll be very lucky if the event was caught on cctv

  12. I loved Margate in the 1940’s and 50’s. Disliked it for the rest of 19 century. I have grown to love it again in the last few years. It is a lovely town and can regain its old glory. Don’t let mindless idiots ruin it. Geoff

  13. There might not have been many or even any on duty last night but the cameras are recording all the same so reviewing can take place to see what is picked up. It is odd though that no police patrol going past saw anything as that is a main route, which might mean it had not long happened before it was found by the local resident. Did anyone see the incredible hulk early this morning that managed to pull this out of it’s position screwed in place?

  14. Random or preprogrammed cctv is spectacularly unproductive, cctv works when its operated by conscientous and attentive personnel able to identify and track suspicious activity. Even if someone is identified nothing will happen to them , the whole “public interest” argument will be invoked and prosecution / investigation quietly shelved.

  15. Was the CCTV operator asleep ?

    What is the point of the CCTV if it is not to gather evidence for incidents such as this ?

  16. I hope the chief executive is happy with vandalism
    This town already has criminals running the town.
    Labour leader
    Agreed Ramsgate planning department
    Over Ramsgate sea front development
    2002… We are 18 years on and feck all to show. Land banking with money launderers who have no money… Arrest those who agreed for offshore leaks including the ones you agreed…

  17. What the hell ? Someone or some people have gone absolutely raving mad! Crack heads? Dopes?
    This Shelter features in the local Old Town Tour, it is where a notorious felon was discovered sleeping in 1904 by PC Bullen.

  18. Ferry debt was Labour pay it back to the people out your own pocket at labour.
    You broke the law over animal exports pay it back at labour.

    Instead you raised tax on us all for your heinous crimes

  19. I hope it isn’t the case As if it is then it’s plane nasty but maybe someone did it to stop the homeless people sleeping there. They usually use the shelters when the weather warms up.

  20. This must have beena very large group who are responsible – those seats are synonomus with the shelter – why on earth have people done this? WHY???? I’m in total shock and disbelief – I hope the culprits are caught and not given a slap on the wrist

  21. Council police they just do not care just care for selling of listed pubs airports and car parks ,it’s 20 years behind thugs drunks drug dealers Ramsgate Margate towns are a dumb from neglect from council and police wake up

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