Margate takeaway receives one star hygiene rating after ‘partially eaten’ food complaint

Ramsgate Fried Chicken

Ramsgate Fried Chicken in Margate has been given a one star food hygiene rating following an inspection on May 5.

The takeaway, in Ramsgate Road, was subject to an investigation after a complaint that it had delivered food that had been partially eaten and touched by at least one other customer before reaching its destination.

The council’s Public Protection officer visited the Ramsgate Fried Chicken premises following the complaints from  two upset customers that food was retrieved from one address after it was discovered the wrong order had been delivered but then taken directly to another customer despite having been opened, touched and partially eaten before the error was discovered.

In an email sent to one of the complainants a Thanet council officer said the food and hygiene rating at the takeaway, which had been a four, has ‘been adjusted,’ although the business had 28 days to appeal.

That time is now up and the one rating remains.

1 (Major Improvement Necessary)

The officer added: “I have made it abundantly clear that they need to take a number of measures in order to make their takeaway service safe and will continue to support them in doing this so that they can get it right in the future.”


    • It is situated on “ RAMSGATE “ Road, not hard to work out how it chose its name unless somebody is thick!

  1. Close them down I can’t imagine the quality of food or hygiene not to think of the poor cage type chickens for these awful cheap take away shops just close it down do we really need these so called take always wake up people

  2. It may well get worse. It has just been announced that the UK government will NOT be refusing to take American chlorinated chicken as part of a trade deal to try to offset the loss of trade with the EU.
    Britain will also be importing beef from cattle dosed with hormones and pork from pigs pumped full of anti-biotics to try to overcome the diseases they suffer in the USA.
    We have been repeatedly told that Britain would NOT lower our food standards just to get a trade deal with the US.
    Well, THAT promise has just been chucked.
    So, if we are sufficiently desperate for a trade deal with America, rather than carry on trading with the EU which has the same food standards as us, we can expect even worse chicken standards , tasting of chlorine because their chickens are so badly treated, salmonella is rife so they have to soak the bodies in chlorine before they leave the abattoir.
    Then again, we may need dirt-cheap food as our wages are not planned to improve. Got to compete with the EU, you see! Before, we co-operated with the EU over wages and standards. Now, we are planning to lower both.
    Enjoy those chlorine nuggets!

  3. Keefogs: In addition, the US will insist on us no longer having any country of origin indications on food packaging so you wont even be able to boycott the American stuff!

  4. Ordered from there once never again staff were extremely rude and women was picking her nose and wiping it on a towel she was wiping surfaces with the food was disgusting 2 pieces of chicken were so raw I thought the chicken was still clucking disgusting

  5. Please shut these so dirty unhealty chicken and burger places down the animal welfare is not uk standards for the
    Future it’s the vegetarian

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