Fancy dress and a cake to mark (possibly) the last Thursday night Clap for Carers

Thursday night fancy dress in Garlinge

Tonight (May 28) could be the final official Clap for Carers after the event founder said the event should now stop.

People have clapped in praise of frontline workers every Thursday at 8pm since March 26 with many taking to pots and pans, singing and even the Ramsgate Tunnels war siren being sounded.

But Annemarie Plas, who originally set up the weekly event, says now is the time to stop.

She told Sky News: “I think it’s good to have the last of the series, because to have the most impact I think it is good to stop it at its peak.

“Without getting too political, I share some of the opinions that some people have about it becoming politicised.”

Amongst those marking the clapping today (May 27) will be a driver at United Cars in Ramsgate who is delivering a fantastic cake to Thanet’s ambulance staff.

Driver Shane Keeler wanted to give something back to the crews and so had the cake made by Sarah’s Kitchen and will be dropping it off at the Haine Road Make Ready station this afternoon. The company has also been delivering food parcels to the crews.

It may also be the last chance for one Maynard Avenue, Garlinge, family to get out the fancy dress.

The Bradbury family -mum and dad Chris and Lesley, daughter Ashleigh and son Nick plus Ashleigh’s partner and also Nick’s partner Scott Williams and dog Red have worn an assortment of crazy costumes to amuse the neighbours each Thursday evening!


  1. I think it would be a shame to stop clapping now, when the Corona virus is still at its height. I respect the fact that it may become like the end of a great concert when your favourite band has done three encores already and we all want to get home to rest but no-one wants to stop clapping because we want to show our appreciation.
    But I worry that, if we stop now, the government will take advantage of the silence on the streets to claim that their destruction of the NHS through creeping privatisation is accepted by the public.
    Clapping is the only way we can get out of our lockdown lives and express our support for the NHS. There is no “either/or” in this. Either we want to clap or we want to fund the NHS properly? We want to do BOTH.
    I can understand the frustration of frontline workers who feel that the clapping is all very well but would rather they had the tools to do the job and fair pay for doing it.
    Their best allies in the fight for better public services are the people who are out every Thursday, clapping.
    Of course, there will be conscious or unconscious hypocrites who clap and cheer on Thursday evenings but then vote Conservative whenever they get the chance. But I would hope that, when they see all the others on their doorsteps showing support,they re-think their voting choices.
    So I will be clapping and pot-bashing this Thursday as usual. Until we can relax and feel that we have a government that really believes in funding the NHS and Social Care. By which time my hands may be worn out!

  2. Trouble is Boris has used our good intentions as a sign of acceptance of his management of this crisis. I’ll clap tonight but would prefer to boo our incompetent government.

  3. Well done to the Bradbury family! Each week you have excelled in your brilliant costumes and I’m sure you have provided endless entertainment for many people. You’re all amazing!

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