Woman taken to hospital after pair reported unconscious in St Lawrence High Street

Photo Secamb

Emergency services were called to St Lawrence High Street, Ramsgate, yesterday (May 27) after reports that two people were unconscious.

Police and paramedics attended the scene, at the bus stop outside Ellington Infant School.

A South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We were called to the High Street at 6pm to reports of persons unconscious.

“We took one woman for a suspected drug-related incident to QEQM Hospital.”


  1. Decriminalise all drugs! That would mean junkies would be free to kill themselves this way, it would reduce most petty crime like burglaries, shop lifting, prostitution etc releasing police for more serious duties! I suffered from three rats nests druggy neighbours, and it took me 8 months to get the police to take action! During which they arrested me on some trumped up charge the junkies made up against me, after 7 hours in the cells I was released, Duurh! Eventually after I made a complaint about wrongful arrest, the police took action, and all three who lived at separate addresses, two of them half sisters, were thrown out! They all had young children! This was just 5 years ago! Again Duurh!

    • You silly **** so what if people have drug addictions for a certain reason n they can’t help it and it’s the only thing that keeps them happy. But your saying they should be left to die.

  2. I am led to believe that where drugs have been legalised in America something like 85-90% of people are still buying drugs illegally because the legal dope costs considerably more.

    Legalising drugs imo is not the answer and only encourages people who ordinarily wouldn’t try them to experiment in them.

    Perhaps if the police actually started arresting dealers rather than letting them walk the streets with impunity then getting hold of drugs would be much harder.

    It’s now harder than ever for Someone to be sentanced to time in prison. Community sentences have taken the fear of being arrested away and empowered criminality. Since 2005 criminals have been championing the human rights act and the right to have a family life and as a result jail time is now the last Resort for most judges.

    • Police are more than happy to arrest and charge but its pointless because the rest of the criminal justice system has little interest in dealing with the miscreants, much cheaper to just let it carry on. Give then free drugs to be taken in state funded “ shooting galleries”, only way to make any real difference to the dealers, but not being lawabiding thpes does anyone think they’ll choose normal work rather than an alternative criminal enterprise?

    • Decriminalising drugs works in Portugal, and elsewhere where there has been a significant reduction in crime! Also, the gaols are bursting with people mostly because of drug dealing, they cost us a fortune, money that could be spent on something more worthy! Junkies like alcoholics, are trying to kill themselves anyway, so give them the drugs for free!

  3. I agree Dumpton , If drugs were decriminalsied , those that need / want to buy would , whenever to try them out or not , same as alcohol or fags from the shop. This may increase local crime be it shoplifting or other local crimes, but would take / remove the big time dealers who are into big crime, There would be no profit for them to make. The police do a good job by leaving the small time dealer alone only to catch the higher fish.

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