Driver escapes and dumps car after police chase in Newington

Emergency services

A police chase through Newington estate yesterday (May 27) ended when the culprit dumped the car and ran off.

Police pursued a car through roads including Riverdale Close, Conyngham Close, Chichester Road and Kimberley Road during the afternoon.

Police requested the driver of the vehicle to stop in Newington Road at about 3.20pm after officers suspected the vehicle was not insured.

The driver made off from patrols and the car was later found abandoned in Ramsgate Road.

No arrests were made.


  1. At least hopefully, I assume that resulted in one uninsured vehicle, off the road, despite not resulting in a conviction.

    • Thanet needs a lot more ANPR cameras coupled with a huge blitz by the police. Perhaps when the police do manage to arrest these scum idiots driving with no insurance, tax etc the judges could actually make the fines more expensive. A £200 pound fine for having no tax or insurance is a joke and hardly encourages people to pay for insurance and road tax.

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