Newington pupils record music video with message of care for everyone

Pupils recorded I’m A Small Part In This Big World

A music video with the simple and important message of caring for each other and the world has been created during lockdown by children at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

I’m A Small Part In This Big World is an original song by music teacher Warwick Eldred that was performed and recorded by the senior choir days before schools shut down across the nation.

During the last few weeks pupils from all year groups were invited to be photographed and filmed by their families singing along and performing to the song that they were sent online.

The result is a fantastic musical collaboration that has already wowed families and friends around the UK and beyond since it was launched on You Tube yesterday (May 22).

Mr Eldred said: “Perhaps the hardest thing about Lockdown is the fact that we all miss seeing each other so very much.

“In an effort to help this, we invited parents to send videos and photos of our pupils to accompany a new recording of one of our NCPS favourite songs : ‘I’m A Small Part In This Big World’.”

The response was impressive with more than 80 different video clips contributed by parents via the WhatsApp link, and Mr Eldred set about compiling and editing the images and music.

He added: “Luckily our Senior Choir had recorded a new version of the song prior to lockdown. We hope that our children, families and staff enjoy seeing lots of familiar faces and friends.

“The song lyrics are a reminder that we all have a part to play in making the world a brighter place and this seems particularly relevant during these difficult times.

“Our children are the small parts that make our world a better place. We hope to see them all very soon.”

The heartfelt lyrics are deliberately simplistic so that all pupils, no matter what age, could learn and sing the song.

They are: – “I’m a small part, In this big world. If I play my part in this big big world,

And I give my heart to this big big world, I could make it a better place to live.

And we will learn to live together, and we can learn from one another,

And build a better world forever, for everyone, for everyone.​”

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “This a lovely song with a very special meaning. The music video is yet another way that we are bringing our Newington family together during the lockdown which is enforcing social distancing for so many of our children.

“It gives our children the opportunity to work together and to see and hear a result of them singing along in unison.”

Newington is well-regarded for its range of learning songs that encompass a range of subjects presented in a variety of musical styles. They have also won praise from teachers and schools in the UK and around the world.

I’m A Small Part In This Big Big World is online on the school website, click on Learning Songs.