Extra bins and cleaning teams for Bank Holiday after ‘disappointing’ mess left on beaches during hot spell

A plea to enjoy beaches and parks responsibly

Thanet council has put extra measures in place for this bank holiday weekend and the expected influx of visitors to isle beaches.

There are extra public bins and dedicated cleansing crews who will focus on the promenade areas. The authority is asking people to bin their litter or take it home with them following mess left behind on beaches after the hot weather on Wednesday.

Thanet council is not asking people to stay away and has opened public toilets at four beaches -Ramsgate, Margate, Joss Bay and Viking Bay – following the relaxation of ‘lockdown’ rules earlier this month.

However, the authority has issued a plea for people to dispose of litter properly, park responsibly and “behave in a way that protects the coastline.”

A Thanet council post on social media says: “We’ve been lucky to have had good weather, but this and the Government’s restrictions changing has (inevitably) meant more people have visited Thanet, particularly our beaches.

“We have been deeply disappointed to have seen that just a few days of additional freedoms some people have not been responsible – there’s been extra litter on our beaches (when the volume of litter was close to zero during lockdown), cars have been parked in a completely irresponsible manner, and toilets being closed has meant some people doing the worst!

Sonia Hammond and her 8-year-old cleared rubbish left behind on Margate beach by visitors

“As always, these are the actions of a small minority of people. We appreciate that the vast majority of our residents and visitors do respect the rules and behave in a way that helps to protect our beautiful coastline.

“We are still in the middle of a pandemic, so please remember that we are not operating as normal.”

Thanet’s Conservative Group is urging people not to make a trip to the beach unless it is local to their home.

Group leader Lesley Game said: “ As a group, we wish to express our dismay at the number of visitors coming into Thanet to visit our beaches. These beaches are teeming with people, there is very little social distancing, in fact they are so busy it would be difficult to keep a safe distance.

“Under normal circumstances we obviously welcome visitors with open arms, thankful that they choose our district to enjoy our beautiful coastlines and award winning blue flag beaches. We know that they contribute largely to our thriving tourist economy, however, now is simply not the time!

Photo Carl Hudson

“We could be at risk of seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases, this will put pressure on our local hospital, which has been doing an excellent job, on our police force and also on our very own hard-working council staff who will have to clean up after the crowds.

“This is not a holiday, we are in the middle of a pandemic.  There are limited amenities open and no active beach lifeguards available to advise visitors best safety practice. We would ask people to ‘Stay Local’, residents in Thanet have worked hard to keep the Isle safe, staying at home; keeping to the social distancing rules; not visiting friends or relatives.

“We have the most beautiful coastline and beaches, and once it is officially confirmed safe we will naturally encourage everyone to come and enjoy these. But just for now please, ‘Stay Local’ and ‘Stay Safe’.”


  1. Disappointing isn’t the word. It’s disgusting and happens all the time. What kind of lazy, dirty scum leaves their rubbish – frequently including nappies etc on a beach. There should be more patrols , cctv, and huge fines for anything like this. Same with dog mess for which Thanet is awful. I’d happily let council workers (who do a good job) keep a good percentage of the fines issued. It’s a joke and the idiots that do it will never change unless there are proper sanctions

  2. If truth was told I would like to know how many of the “oh so perfect crowed” actually take their rubbish home. 0% I would think, even if they did take it home I guess their councils would not empty their wheely bin because it would be the wrong type rubbish. It’s not rocket science, just supply the bins. This area it’s a holiday / day visitors location and the government’s own advise is “it’s safer to go to the parks and beaches”. If we have no visitors coming then the council tax would be a lot higher. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Well said Mrs. Game. Why don’t you say this to our Prime Minister, you and Sir Roger need to stand and be counted and represent your constituents, some chance ! Stay Local would be far more appropriate than stay alert! Just more Tory mantra instead of straight thinking!

  4. Seriously TDC. I have seen so many litter bins totally overflowing with rubbish. People have tried to do their best and left their litter next to it. All other bins nearby are also completely full and not being emptied.

    Stop blaming everything onto the public and do the job we are paying our local taxes for. People are lazy. We know that. They are lazy everywhere so why is Thanet such a dirty mess compared to other areas? Maybe other areas have got council staff and senior managers who are actually capable of doing their job rather than the shambles we have to put up with here.

    • Visitors brought the stuff and basically it’s their responsibility to take what’s left home. After all it’s going to weigh less not more.

  5. Answer is simple like in other areas. Employ officers to go out looking for litter bugs then fine them, same with people parking all over the pavements and street corners. Why are the wardens always missing at weekends and stay away from the promenades at all times. Plenty of money to be made slapping tickets on, or even better TDC have some signs made stating that vehicles parked on the pavements will be towed and impounded until payment is made. Why is it always Thanet that can’t do a proper job? Earn some respect from the residents and tourists by stating the case, the regulations when you come to our beaches. Other seaside towns do it and still get the tourism and trippers respecting the rules. They all have a field day when they come to Thanet though as TDC don’t know what they are doing. No rules = no respect !

  6. I thought it was policy to discourage people from coming! Let’s hope we don’t get an upsurge in civid19 cases after all the selfish daytrippers go home

  7. Day trippers are not selfish and are entitled to enjoy beaches and wide open spaces. Little chance of spreading the virus that way. Let’s be realistic on that. More chance from getting an illness through perpetual fear and negativity. Litter louts and those who do not pick up their dog waste, or let them pee anywhere are though. Those who act as unwelcoming vigilantes now, may find visitors do not return to Thanet and the local economy and businesses will then suffer even more greatly than they are just now. Do think of the others in this community who will need the support of tourism in the future.

  8. Worry about the number of trippers coming down to our beautiful coast line what have the Westgate TDC and the Town Council done about no public toilets open in Westgate which is a disgrace . How can Cllr Game talk about keeping the beaches clean with her record . !!!!!!!!

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