Ramsgate man jailed for breaching restraining order and assaulting victim

Boxall received a 16 month sentence

A Ramsgate man has been jailed after admitting he breached a restraining order to see a woman despite.being banned indefinitely from contacting her.

Christopher Boxall approached the victim after seeing her in Westwood Cross on Wednesday, March 11 and got aggressive when she asked him to leave her alone.

The victim called out to members of the public, pleading with them to call the police as Boxall became insistent that he return home with her to talk.

Although the victim tried to evade Boxall by weaving between stationary vehicles in a car park, he caught up with her and hit her. At that point onlookers intervened and Boxall walked away when they stood in front of the woman to prevent him causing further harm.

He was arrested by officers a short time later. During his time in custody the 38-year-old also assaulted an officer by throwing a hot drink at him.

At court Boxall, of Newcastle Hill, Ramsgate, admitted breaching his restraining order as well as assault by beating and assaulting an emergency worker.

He was sentenced to a total of 16 months in prison when he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday, May 4.

Investigating officer PC Joe Tremble said: “Christopher Boxall knew he was not allowed to speak to his victim, there was a restraining order in place preventing him from doing just that – and yet he chose to speak to her regardless and became violent towards her.

“Fortunately for the victim, members of the public were courageous and stepped in to stop the situation escalating. They demonstrated that unlike Boxall, they knew the difference between right and wrong.

“Boxall has shown himself to be aggressive and lacking in common decency towards others and the law. I hope he uses his time in prison to realise just how serious it is to have a restraining order and the importance of adhering to it.”


  1. I do wish the police would not talk so wet about the low lives like this idiot. It’s about time the courts WAKE UP. They jailed him in effect to 7 and half months half the 15 months shame on the judge. 10 full years would have been justice.

    • This makes me so sick of it all I’m a member of family to him.she had an order to stay away from family and him but did not abide by it more did her family so it not he’s fault what has gone on all of you don’t know what really went on.

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