Police want to speak to this trio in connection with suspected moped theft attempt in Birchington.

CCTV images

Police have issued images of three people that officers would like to speak to in connection with suspected attempts to steal a moped in Birchington.

It was reported that the moped had been tampered with while parked in Station Approach, between 5pm on Saturday, May 2 and around 4.15pm on Monday, May 4.

The bike was also reportedly tampered with again and damaged, later during the same week between 11pm on Friday, May 8 and 9am the following day.

CCTV images

Officers are also investigating whether it might be linked to a theft of a bike from Crawford Gardens in Margate between midnight and 5am on Monday, May 11.

Inspector Julien Lawton said: “The people pictured are wearing fairly distinctive clothes which I am sure will be recognisable to those who know them. We want to speak to them as they may have information which could assist our investigation.

“Anyone who knows the people pictured, or witnessed the attempted thefts should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/76224/20.”

You can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org


  1. These groups of youths are out in the early hours of the mornings most nights when most people are asleep so if you see any wandering about it is likely they are up to no good. Just ring and report suspicious behaviour so the police can deal with them. I worry about who their parents/carers may be as they must know what they are up to. There should be nobody wandering streets at night during lockdown.

  2. The parents of these chav thieves are no better than their scum kids. The parents know their kids are out of control Young criminals but do nothing to stop their illegal and antisocial behaviour. Rather than control their kids they call them mate and see themselves as friends rather than parents.

    Parents should be made accountable for poor parenting, perhaps if there was consequences for lazy parenting the parents might make more of an effort rather than leaving the rest of us to be victims of their yobbish, loutish behaviour.

    Unfortunately, until the government makes parents responsible for their kids behaviour the parents will continue to blame the government, schools and anyone else rather than take responsibility for their own shortcomings as parents.

  3. To “Concerned”, that may well be true, but you have no evidence of that, so it is a complete unfounded and potentially defamatory accusation.

    Their parents may well think they are in bed sleeping or think they are round their mates house. they may have no idea they are out doing these things.

    So by your own logic, that makes you just as bad as well.

    Use your brain before activating your mouth.

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