Photos: First weekend of eased coronavirus restrictions

Margate Photo Carl Hudson

People have been out on isle beaches during the first weekend since ‘lockdown’ restrictions were eased.

As of Wednesday (May 13) curbs on daily life were relaxed meaning people are now able to exercise outside as many times each day as they wish.

Areas like playgrounds, outdoor gyms or ticketed outdoor leisure venues are excluded from this as the risk of infection is greater.

People can only exercise with up to one person from outside their household but are allowed to drive to outdoor open spaces irrespective of distance, so long as they respect social distancing guidance while they are there.

The warm weather has enticed people onto the beaches and promenades.

Earlier this week Margate businesses had appealed for visitors to stay away for the time being despite the announcement that people are now free to travel.

The Don’t Visit Margate campaign was launched on the Visit Margate page, and businesses including Peter’s Fish Factory, GB Pizza Co, Cliffs, The Lifeboat, and The Reading Rooms have signed up.

The don’t visit plea was also backed by North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale.

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Margate photographer Carl Hudson caught a snapshot of the weekend in Margate and Westgate.

Government issues more detail on three steps to easing public life restrictions


    • Perhaps Carl did not see the party of 10. Doesn’t make the pictures untrue, just means you saw a group that he didn’t

  1. I was out for exercise there was some groups on the beach there was a load of bickers on the parade how far did they come some people say we are now allowed to go to the seaside most of these people were middle class people.Others that think it doesn’t effect them

  2. I think the names of the businesses that chose to open this weekend, on the seafront encouraging people to come and not turn round and go home again. Should be published, so when this is all over we know which cafes and fish and chip shops we should avoid. I will be not giving any of my money to any that opened this weekend. I know they have not broken any laws, but I do not remember Boris saying Lockdown is over. People are supposed to be at home as much as possible. Ice cream is not essential shopping in my mind. Covid-19 is a killer just stay at home, or go to work.

  3. You will always have the few that will not abide by the guidelines!more fool them they will be the first to moan if they are struck down with this, I personally think that the lockdown is being eased too early.

  4. If you ask any of those out enjoying themselves in the sun this weekend if they think they should be out, most of them are saying they think the lockdown is being eased too early but they are being sensible and need to go out as being indoors all this time is driving them insane. They also say that they are seeing loads of groups of people not socially distancing themselves.
    It is difficult for many without clear and definitive guidelines, but then who remembers another covid pandemic and can give the guidance everyone needs? Yes, it is deadly and part of Thanet is one of the worst areas for covid-19 death rates in the UK, which has the highest rate in Europe and yes, it is too early for full relaxation on lockdown, but a balance still needs to be drawn somewhere before the economy goes crashing down and country becomes bankrupt and everyone goes insane.

    • Let’s get this clear, the whole of Thanet is NOT a covid19 hot-spot, just one area Cliftonville is. Birchington is probably one of the lowest affected areas

  5. Too much negativity and fear will certainly batter the immune system – probably far greater than any virus. And name shaming is very sad and petty to see in a community. There are demonstrations across the world now (not reported in the main stream) to ease lockdowns and people deserve to be able enjoy the healthy wide open spaces. The deaths as the result of businesses crashing, resulting poverty, mental health issues, medical conditions not treated etc. will be far greater in the long run than the virus, and the long term effects on the young will be very serious if we do not show some sense of perspective and generosity.

  6. These images do not give a real representation. I drove past Margate a saw it was much busier, and Botany was packed!

  7. It seems that the Covid19 virus has caused many people to lose any degree of common sense – even more so now that restrictions are easing.

    The world has to return to some degree of normality unless we want to see another 7m people who are currently furloughed becoming permanently unemployed and taxes doubled for people that are working in order to pay for those who are not.

    Most of us have managed to engage with social distancing whilst shopping in both supermarkets and in corner shops. Some fish and chip shops are open and others choose ti remain closed. Customers at those that are open are spreading themselves out and being sensible.

    There may not have been many on the beach because Dreamland, The Turner, the cafes and the deck chair concessionaires remain closed. Is this how we see the future of mankind ?

    It is most fortunate that neanderthal man eventually plucked up the courage to leave his cave and overcame the fear of being eaten by the sabre tooth tiger . . .

  8. King George park in Ramsgate today was packed with a group of about 20 kids aged between 16/18 all drunk. Obviously these kids are not from the same family. It wouldn’t surprise me if their deadbeat waster parents supplied them with the booze.

    The vast majority of us are abiding by the government restrictions but unfortunately There are too many selfish people who only care about themselves.

    I wonder if all these groups would still congregate illegally if they lost their ability to use the NHS if they got sick. I would be ashamed if these were my kids.

  9. I drove passed margate beach yesterday may 19 beach was packed there were loads of big groups there but also the car parks were full so what dose that tell us I’m really disappointed but what makes me more cross is the pro or whatever they are called were riding along on there push bikes smiling instead of being down there sorting it we have enough of a covoid problem in margate we dont need people coming from outside bringing us more

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