Prime Minister announces phased steps for emerging from coronavirus public restrictions

Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined three steps to easing restrictions that had been imposed on March 23 in the battle against coronavirus.

In a public address this evening (May 10) the PM said the restrictions would be eased – or reinstated – in accordance to a covid alert system.

The system runs from level one – no covid cases in the UK – to level five – critical risk. He added: “Our period of lockdown has been in level four. We are now in a position to move in steps to level 3.”

Outlining the easing proposals – which will be dependent on the rate of infection and number of hospital admissions in the country – the PM said the current R level is between 0.5-0.9. It needs to be below one for any restrictions to be lifted.

The PM said the new covid alert system will be able in time to detect local flare-ups  as well as giving a national picture.

The message of ‘stay alert’ was repeated several times throughout the address, replacing the ‘stay at home’ slogan of the past seven weeks.

The proposed measures are:

Step 1

From tomorrow: For those who cannot work at home, the PM said they are now actively encouraged to go back to work. This would include those in construction and manufacturing. Social distancing must be maintained and all efforts to avoid public transport should be made. New guidance for employers to make workplaces COVID-secure is being established.

From Wednesday: Unlimited exercise with the PM saying people can “sit in the sun, drive to other destinations, play sports with members of your own household.” Social distancing must be maintained. Fines will be increased for anyone flouting guidelines.

Step 2

From June 1: A possible phased reopening of shops and primary pupils from reception, year one and year six, going back into schools. The PM also mentioned those due to take exams should also get some time with their teachers.

The PM said: “We will shortly be setting out detailed guidance on how to make it work in schools and shops and on transport.”

Step 3

From July at the earliest: The hope to reopen some hospitality venues and other public places as long as social distancing can be maintained.

The PM said all these steps would be “driven by science, data and public health,” adding: “All this is conditional…if there are problems we will not hesitate to put on the brakes.”

He also said: “To prevent re-infection from abroad, I am serving notice that it will soon be the time – with transmission significantly lower – to impose quarantine on people coming into this country by air.

“And it is because of your efforts to get the R down and the number of infections down here, that this measure will now be effective.”

More details are due to be released in Parliament tomorrow. The PM will also answer public questions tomorrow evening.


  1. Well well well what a load of crap from our chief bullsh*****r. So you builders get back tomorrow but not on a bus or train, you can go to your office but not all of you in the same office. Stay alert…if only this lot had been more ALERT we wouldn’t be in this bloody mess. Mixed message? More like haven’t got a clue message. God help us!

    • builders have not stopped going to work round here love so that did not work
      but he said that you can go to work if you have to
      so a bit mixed messages here

    • These new rules are foolishly lax.

      Apropos people coming into Britain-they should have been tested and whisked off to quarantine from day one.

      “Driven by science”? Or by pressure from businesses?

  2. Up until now we had a clear directive, and one we all agreed with, Stay home, stay safe, it worked. This new message has everyone confused, it will be chaos now. Should not have changed the original message until 1st June.

  3. Message changed from a clear ‘stay indoors to a meaningless “stay alert’ next month new message at this rate will be ‘DONT PANIC “

  4. Haha he is the only leader who has been made sick with the virus who in the only country in the world has not locked down the borders or have a screened entry into the country. A great prime minister indeed. He should have acted earlier when he was getting all the evidence of what was to come from the media on Italy and Spain but the great leader chose to ignore this crucial information against good advice along with his health and transport ministers then caused many thousands more deaths than need be. Lets just wait and see what happens!, when other countries were shutting their borders or having 14 days in compulsory isolation. His lack of any understanding still, with borders still open is dangerous and thousands of families can look towards him for his poor judgements. Good ole Boris eh?

  5. Dear Cllr Lewis
    Your politically motivated comments on this new site during the vivid crisis are not helpful considering your role as a representative of the general public you serve. I am a labour supporter but I am not blind to the governments difficult role in trying to please all the people all of the time – positive criticism and not
    self motivated cynicism is what this country needs right now. Time for hind sight reflection and how you would have gone better can wait.

  6. Boris thinks he is Churchill…he didn’t listen to anyone either but luckily for him the yanks joined and saved him from the push. Churchill was shown the door pretty soon after the war due to his dogmatic policies and contempt for the people. Just read his history and you’ll see our Boris come shining through.

  7. Pre recorded b*** sh**. Hasn’t got a scoby doo. Can I get compensation back for wasting 15 minutes of my life? Didn’t have the balls to speak live or confer with devolved nations,apparently. Shameful if this is the best he can do, Lor help us.

  8. The plans for reopening certain years in primary schools seem to be related to totally unnecessary Ofsted rules about tests. The people who most need to go back, only when it is safe to do so, are those who towards the end of their secondary school studies, because of no alternatives for those who need to be qualified to be considered for acceptance in further education establishment . Our MPs need to be pressing a do nothing Education Secretary to be swiftly putting sensible workable proposals before government
    The Opposition seems also to be failing the nation in this area
    When will Mackinlay and Gale have the decency and courage to say anything on the education front!

  9. Mackinlay and Gale, sounds like a firm of dodgy accountants. Oh what am saying… that’s virtually what they are, disguised as Conservative MPs. I bet they wish they’d lost their seats when the people get a chance to question this lots shambles of a government. Can’t wait.

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