Limited edition Tracey Emin prints on sale in support of Oasis Domestic Abuse Service

No Time for Love limited edition print

A new limited-edition print by artist Tracey Emin is being sold in support of Thanet-based charity Oasis Domestic Abuse Service.

Counter Editions, based in Margate, is producing the three-colour lithograph print by Emin, who grew up in the seaside town and now has a studio there.

The work, titled No Time For Love (2020) will be available from Thursday, May 14 from and is an edition of 75, with prices starting at £3,600 and rising as it sells out. A quarter of the proceeds will go to Oasis.

Tracey Emin with Master Printer Andrew Curtis in 2019

On behalf of Oasis, Loukia Michael said:“We are very grateful to Tracey for her ongoing support and to the team at Counter Editions. Home is not a safe place for victims of domestic abuse and those that were already vulnerable will be even more so in this time of crisis.

“The funds raised by the sale of No Time For Love are desperately needed and very much appreciated”

On behalf of Tracey Emin and Counter Editions, Carl Freedman said: “We are proud to be supporting the amazing Oasis. Their innovative response to domestic abuse, including the Women’s Refuges, increases safety for victims, rebuilds lives and creates lasting change. During the current crisis their work is more vital than ever.”

Read here: The hidden victims of domestic violence and the work of the Oasis service to help rebuild lives


  1. This is the most ludicrous idea ever. People who work from home are more likely to be better off than factory workers who can, nay, encouraged to put their lives at risk to go to work. Do not use public transport but use your car or if you do not have a car you can use a cycle or walk, must be good for you as it is exercise. If you have miles to walk to work, just get up earlier and be a lert ! This country needs lerts or perhaps lemmings.

  2. Many women who have to work from home are on piece work, with children and some with an abusive partner.
    Life is complicated and perhaps we should all see past the veneer of social niceties. Do we know know of a woman in need of support, and her children. There is bugger all funding for women’s refugees from local or central government, all dosh helps – as women are trapped by lack of money.

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