Man to be sentenced for racial abuse, assault, theft and spitting at police officer in Margate

Image Kent Police

A 29-year-old man will appear in court to be sentenced for racially-aggravated offences and spitting at a police officer during his arrest in Margate.

Thomas Mason started shouting racist abuse at a member of staff, after he was challenged for stealing and drinking cans of beer from the High Street premises during the afternoon of Sunday, April 26.

When another man stepped in to help, Mason was also racially abusive towards him, and then assaulted him.  Police attended the scene and arrested Mason, who became abusive towards an officer, spitting at him and threatening to kill his family.

Mason, of no fixed address, was charged on Monday (April 27) with racially-aggravated assault, theft from a shop, assaulting an officer and a racially-aggravated public order offence.

He appeared at Medway Magistrates’ Court via virtual link on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to all offences. He was remanded in custody and will appear in court for sentencing on May 14.


  1. Feral, but not youth! Disgusting behaviour towards anyone, racial or not. Society has changed for the worse under succesive governments with no idea how to run a country. A slap on the hand and sent on their way by the courts too so they can carry on where they left off. There is no discipline anymore!

  2. Well said Kent Resident I will also say that the court needs to be strong on these offenses and send out a warning to others who perpetrate the same crime that it will not be tolerated by a civilised community. And I also hope that the police federation will support their officers more than iopc did to Pc Russell. We have a good group of police officers in thanet on the whole they are fair but when needed they are just and very good they do the job to the best of there abilities considering some of the crimes and criminals that they have to face not withstanding the knife crime. Back them up courts give them the backing they richly deserve.

  3. Drunk, Drugged or Lunatic? Is he a born Thanecian or someone somebody sent us?
    Which prompts me to ask, why does Margate have to suffer these dregs of society?
    Are we secretly being paid millions to take them in?

  4. Feral scum. Society is breaking down with a large section of youths who have a sense of entitlement and also believe they don’t have to answer to anyone. The courts need to bring back tougher sentencing and get the criminals off the streets.

    The liberal based social experiment of community sentencing is not working. The ever increasing feral population is not scared of community orders and have zero fear of the police and authorities because they know it’s harder than ever to get sent to prison. and if they are incarcerated it’s for a pathetically short time and they still get tv’s, Xbox’s etc.

    Rather than protecting the human rights of criminals we should be protecting the rights of the majority of law abiding citizens. For too long now there has been little deterrent for the people who chooses to break the law. Rather than lowering the sentences of the scum we should be increasing them and making our streets safer.

    Criminals should not have have the same rights as the rest of us. The vast majority of criminals choose to commit crimes and as such should forfeit a lot of their human rights until they have been adequately punished.

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