Community food and drink delivery business says new road restrictions will force closure

Chris and Kim say they will be forced to shut the business

Owners of a cut price food and drink delivery business say proposals for new road markings in Eaton Road, Margate, will force them to shut down,

Chris and Kim Gadd have run Gadd’s food and drink online shop from the Eaton Road site for the past five years. There are already yellow lines outside the property but this has not previously stopped them from loading and unloading outside.

But the new traffic order proposal would prohibit loading and unloading on either side of the road from the junction of Grosvenor Hill to the boundary of 42-44 Eaton Road. Gadd’s falls in the middle of this area.

If enforced it would mean staff have to walk up to 140 delivery trays some 100 metres along the road to the nearest parking bay.

Dad-of-two Chris said: “The law on yellow lines means anyone loading or unloading, or using a blue badge, is allowed to park there. This is how we are able to park and unload the stock and load the orders into the van.

“We have been here for five years and have always done it this way. The proposal is to put dashes on the pavement which stop any blue badge and loading and unloading. This is absolutely absurd.

“It would not just affect us, the only commercial premises on the road, but also residents at four properties who are all disabled and rely on mobility scooters and wheelchairs to get around. One is also registered partly sighted and all the residents have a blue badge.

“We run on extremely small profits for our items, which cover all the outgoings. There is no money left at the end of the month so myself and Kim do not take a wage. We are lucky that we both work for Vaparettes and get our income this way.

“We run this business to help the local community obtain cheap goods. They can get branded goods at the same price or cheaper than the basic brands. We also employ people from the local community, our two staff live in Thanet.

“If this proposal is agreed, it means we will not be allowed to park outside to unload or load and this will result in us not renewing the tenancy in July and we will close. There are no suitable buildings in our price bracket anywhere in Thanet so we would be unable to move somewhere else. This will also cost a lot of money which we do not have.”

The couple, who have also donated to isle causes such as Our Kitchen, the children’s Rainbow Ward and the maternity at QEQM and St Paul’s Church foodlink in Cliftonville, say they are now writing to county councillor Barry Lewis and district councillor Rob Yates to plea for help.

Chris added: “There have only been two accidents on that stretch of road since we have been there and both times we were not there, so we were not an influence in any way to the accidents, However, both times our CCTV helped determine what happened.”

The document of new road order proposals says: “Kent County Council, as traffic authority, has made the above named order a) to introduce waiting restrictions in selected locations for safety or environmental reasons or to preserve access to premises; b) to remove redundant waiting restrictions; c) to make the road safer for all users.”

Consultation on all the road amendments in the document runs until midday on May 26. Comments can be made by emailing [email protected]

For the Eaton Road proposal put amendment number 2: order 2019 in the subject line.

The full document can be viewed here

Kent and Thanet councils have been asked for comment.


  1. This is long overdue.

    Unfortunately, one of the residents or business owners near you, that use’s their blue badge to park nearly right outside your business has single handedly caused this. By parking the way they do (it’s a white car), it causes an extreme danger to every other road user and other vehicles using those junctions. I have seen long vehicles stuck due to that persons inconsiderate parking.

    This is why it’s being imposed. Blame them.

    • Also sleepy barry lewis won’t do anything, i’d try writing to another councillor. I also don’t see what “donating” has to do with anything or even has anything to do with this story, but well done for that. We need more people like you.

      I’ve submitted my reps in favour of the new markings.

    • More importantly, this reinstates the double yellow lines near the premier shop at the junction of beacon road to Mayville road, Broadstairs.

      Also directly outside drapers close on st. peters road, old side of QEQM.
      Long overdue and this document allows the lines to be legally enforced.

    • If this problem is caused by one driver the council should first be tackling the individual- have they done so?

      • They tried but legally they couldn’t do anything. This is the only option. It’s the guy that owns the bike shop, someone needs to tell him to get on his bike, like the other poster did!

        • I have always thought that with a Blue badge you could only park for 3 hours on a double yellow line, and only then when not causing a obstruction to traffic. Maybe TDC is scared of the backlash, there would be in the local media of ticketing a poor disabled person, who had only been stopped for 5 minutes. I can imagine the sad face photo now.

  2. I have worked with Gadds Food and Drink for nearly a year . They are the hardest working , most generous to their community couple I have ever known. Why not think through the consequences of this proposal for all those involved before it is imposed. Why not find a way to support this business? Do we really want to come out of this mess having lost another local small business? This business is unique. It provides a real service for those up against it financially. Before this pandemic chris delivered our extremely good value fruit and veg bags.

  3. Surely, as this is where a business is trading from the council could install a Loading/unloading bay outside instead. Then those using disabled badges that have been parking selfishly will no longer be able to. This would solve both issues in one and make much better sense. Has KCC thought of this?
    There are many places where no loading lines should be put in Thanet which they aren’t, but I should say this is not one of them.

    • I think the problem with the loading bay idea, is a fear the person parks most of the time in the white car may claim they are loading. If you look at Google Street view, from May 2014 till July 2019. their car is parked in nearly all the images. Till July 2016 it is a different car, still the same Business owner.

  4. I can’t see why council needs to do this as as that section is 2 Lane single way traffic as is visible in photo plenty of room for two vehicles to go through 1 can park all be it double yellow lines and a lorry can pass without problems. Another KCC cock up.

    • “Big Chris”

      You’re wrong and the only cock up that’s been made is by you. You for a start have the wrong section of road.

  5. This action has been deemed necessary but it puts a couple out of business. It is surely only basic justice that they should be offered another premise at the same rent. If government in all its forms : national, county, district and town, are sincere in their wish to support small businesses then this should happen. TDC could offer Chris the unit on the Pysons road estate that is standing empty and that they own. This unit has been empty for a long time now. My business was deemed unsuitable to occupy it but it is perfect for this business.

  6. Traffic regulation orders after consultations go to joint transport board to make a final decision, this committee is made up of both county and district councillors. So it is combination of kcc and tdc who make the ultimate decision.i hope that clarifies the process.

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