Westgate crafter’s mission to create 1,000 washbags for frontline staff

Lorraine is making washbags for frontline staff

An appeal for old, clean cotton bedding and sewing enthusiasts is being made by a Westgate resident who is making wash bags for coronavirus frontline staff.

Lorraine Hambidge says the idea is for staff to be able to put their uniforms in the bag before going home and it can then be put in the washing machine without removing it.

Around 30 sewing enthusiasts have offered their help and the aim is to make 1000 bags.

Lorraine, whose daughter and her partner and niece are all frontline staff, said: “A friend dropped off six sacks full of clean, old cotton bedding thinking it would take me ages to make them all. I put a post up asking for help and within a couple of hour I know have more than 30 sewing people ready to help. It would be really nice to be able to get about a 1000 bags done but we will need more fabric. It doesn’t need to be new, just clean. I will leave it all a couple of days before anyone can work on it just to be safe.

“If each frontline member of staff has these then they don’t have to handle their uniforms in their own homes. They just throw the bag in the washing machine, making it a bit safer for their families.

“I have given some of mine to family members, a nurse who is going to work in the new London hospital and a local paramedic.”

Lorraine says the bags will also be useful for porters and cleaners and any other staff on the frontline. Sh has one person from each town and village picking up and dropping off at volunteers doorsteps to make sure safety rules are adhered to.

To contact Lorraine message the Westgate-on-sea Community Spirit Facebook page or email [email protected]

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