Warning issued over ‘crying baby scam’ following reports in Palm Bay

Scam warning

A warning has been issued over suspected burglary scammers operating in Thanet.

Kent Police has been contacted after instances of a woman knocking on doors and the sound of a baby crying from her car.

The cries are recorded and the scammer pretends to have broken down with a child in the car to distract a householder while a second person burgles the property.

Reports of the scam have been made by residents in Knockholt Road, Margate, last week.

Cliftonville East ward councillor Cedric Towning has issued a warning about the ploy after speaking to police.

In a social media post he said: “Please beware there is a white mini driven by a woman and the sound of a baby crying (this is a recording of a baby). With the mini is another car driven by a male.

“They have been in the Palm Bay area over the last two weeks during the early hours of the morning. The woman parks in the road blocking traffic, asks for directions and hopes you will look on your phone. Do not use your phone or open your door. We have spoken to the police who advise you to call them on 101. Please pass this onto anyone in the area who you know friends, neighbours and family.”

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 3.35am on Saturday, April 4 to a report that a woman had been knocking on a resident’s door in Knockholt Road, Margate. Officers attended and searched the area but the woman had left prior to their arrival.”


  1. I would phone 999 NOT 101, by the time the 101 call is answered the low life will be miles away. In the past we could phone our local police station control and the police would deal with the call. Now thanks to closing all of the police stations and centralised so-called “ improvements” plus the police numbers being reduced, the only ones who have benefitted are the criminals.

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