Guidance for funerals during coronavirus crisis

Funeral services

Measures have been taken by Thanet council to ensure funerals can go ahead safely during the coronavirus pandemic but only immediate family can be in attendance.

The authority also offers a  recording service for £25 and is working to reinstate a live stream facility which was previously introduced under former cabinet member Suzanne Brimm.

Guidance from government means on arrival at the crematorium, mourners are asked to stay in their cars or wait outside. A member of staff will be circulating offering hand sanitiser prior to entering the chapel and the opening and closing of doors is restricted to staff, minimising the number of people touching them.

Those able to attend services are:




Children (and partners).

Service and hymn books have been removed from the chapel and any wording required for the service, should be included in service sheets. Service sheets need to be taken with the mourners following the service.

Reception has been closed to visitors and contact with office staff needs to be made either by telephone or by email. Funeral directors are asked to post all paperwork in the postbox provided which will be regularly emptied. An email should be sent to the crematorium, confirming paperwork delivered and a response will be sent confirming receipt.

The witnessing of cremated remains interments and scatterings is temporarily suspended.

Just one person should collect ashes. During services, people are asked not to sit in the chapel attendant’s room to ensure social distancing is practised.

The crematorium office is temporarily closed to visitors.  Staff are still working and can be contacted by telephone or email. Telephone: 01843 577 333 or Email: [email protected]


  1. You really do not understand our present situation do you? Our admin are trying to prevent this awful virus from spreading. Face to face, and keeping close (near) contact with others is FORBIDDEN!
    The message is, keep your distance – minimum of 2 metres, do not go out unless you have to, (Exception: Key Workers etc, etc.,Shopping for necessities).
    The virus enters the body through inhalation. Wear a mask, wear gloves, wash your hands, or sanitize, after being out, and BLOW” your nose after being out.

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