Thanet friends take on extreme haircut challenge to raise cash for QEQM staff

That's some haircut!!

A group of Thanet friends are breaking the lockdown monotony and raising cash for the NHS with a range of wacky haircuts.

Ramsgate lads Jay Holloway, Frankie Conner, Kyle Barber, Ryan Matthews and Josh Mackins, plus Margate pals Albert Finigan and Craig White have donned extreme new styles from Mohicans to ‘monk’ cuts with donations going into an NHS fundraiser.

Dad-of-three Jay came up with the idea as a bit of fun but then it caught on.

He said: “I put a status on my facebook saying if I got 100 likes I’d get the haircut and it went well.

“Then a few people said set up a gofundme page and I wanted it to go to the NHS staff at Margate.

“Before I knew it my mates said they would do it too.”

Kyle added: “It is just to bring some cheer to everyone and help support our NHS staff who are risking their health for ours.”

The fundraiser page says the aim is to raise cash for QEQM so the hard-working, frontline staff can do something nice together or buy something that will benefit them all in their workplace when this sad and stressful time is over.

It adds: “These people have families at home and they are risking their lives to save others  every day.”

To find the donation page click here