Thanet children join ‘symbol of hope’ trend with colourful rainbow pictures

By Gemma Bishop

A bid to brighten up the days of public restrictions during the coronavirus spread has seen rainbow pictures appearing in windows across the country.

Joining the colourful movement is the Bishop family in Cliftonville. Jasmine Bishop,10, and Harry Bishop, six, have created their picture and put it in the window at Fifth Avenue.

The youngsters, who are the grandchildren of Walpole Bay Hotel owner Jane Bishop, saw rainbow pictures on the news created by other children across the country and wanted to join in -with the addition of teddy bears underneath their creation.

Mum Gemma said: “I’m just trying to make thing as fun as possible for them. They wanted to do the rainbow after seeing it on the news, it’s such a lovely idea for all the children to join in with. The teddy bears were an idea from their family in New Zealand, they wanted to be part of that too with their cousins.

“We’re very fortunate to have a big garden so we have also had lots of outdoors games.”

The rainbow pictures have also been appearing in Italy, the US, Canada and Spain as a symbol of hope.


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