More repairs carried out as Ramsgate sinkhole widens

Original repair work and the hole today Photos Jemma Willson

Workmen are back at the site of a sinkhole in Ramsgate that has reappeared despite repairs being carried out.

The hole first appeared on March 17 in Southwood Road -Ashburnham end – and was caused by a leaking waterpipe. Workmen spent a week on repairs digging four holes to fix the pipe.

On Thursday (March 26) afternoon the pipe repairs were completed although the sinkhole was still open.

Yesterday the road around the affected area began to crack and part of the tarmac fell into the hole and onto a gas pipe.

Neighbours report the sinkhole is some 50ft deep. Since 3pm yesterday workers have been pouring tons of concrete into the hole to fill it.


  1. So where did some 100 cubic metres of chalk and/or soil disappear to in the first instance ?

    Underground cave, tunnel, wartime shelter or some form of underground river ?

  2. Chalk (calcium carbonate) is soluble in weak acid. When it rains, the rain absorbs some CO2 from the atmosphere to make carbonic acid. This acid slowly dissolves the chalk.

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